Defensive military only for Wales?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by flamingo, Nov 16, 2007.

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    Amongst the crap being sprouted by Plaid Cymru, my favourite is that Wales should withdraw from NATO and "Plaid should be committed to purely defensive armaments with existing military infrastructure under Welsh control with a chain of command answerable to the Welsh Parliament."

    Do ARRSERS think that means a Magiont Line type border, or something a bit more esoteric?

    Suggestions welcome... :twisted:
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well, I like the idea myself. They can downsize their forces to meet every conceivable threat, such as having farmers with shotguns and 'barbed wire' fences to stop sheep rustlers. Should be pretty cheap to do. I like their thinking on this.
  3. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    As a Welshman, living as a sleeper agent in the heart of London, I've been briefed on the plans. Essentially, thousands of genetically modified sheep are to be fitted with claymore mines and set to patrol TAIs in the border areas, under the command of specially selected militarised Border Collies who have been through an intensive training course at St Athan. At the approach of any potential hostiles (English second home buyers etc), the Collies will herd the sheep into formation as mobile killing zones, wreaking havoc on the hapless invaders. Clever huh?

  4. Then we invade.
  5. Invade? Why?
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I did here tell that they have other plans too, and these have been in progress for some time, namely road signs and printed documents. They have taken their lessons from the defence of Britain circa WW2 in which it was decided to remove all road signs to confuse the enemy, but they have advanced it somewhat.

    They are now producing road signs, printed material and even SPEAKING in unintelligable gibberish. It's a war winner I tell you!
  7. They will have elastictrickery next, I hear.
  8. I'll start digging Offa's Dyke again then - Plaid Cymru knobs.
  9. Because they come under our command again but we can slot all the Plaid Cymru cnuts too.
  10. sounds a but too much like the shyte spouted by the nationist "government" up in my home land,
    utter tosh and its about time we quelled these rebelious voices once and for all, one Britian forever, united we stand and all that
  11. Absofeckinglutely.
  12. As the Welsh didn't vote for a devolved parliament, simply a national assembly, (in fact almost 80% voted against) I don't think these idiots have any mandate whatsoever to come up with idiotic proposals like this. Don't they realise that they have to have years of experience in the House of Commons before they are even allowed to voice stupid opinions? The MPs at Westminster have this down to a fine art simply because they have so much practice in spouting such utter garbage. Or maybe they're hoping they will get invaded and the conquering nation will have to subsidise the total lack of industry now present there. Nice little earner, I suppose. Bet the Kinnocks manage to jump on that gravy train.
  13. So would the sheep then become Suicide Baamers?
  14. We needn't fear the Ewe-icide bombers...already at Porton Down they have developed a strain of sheep-born gonorrhea so virulent that even MDN would think twice before taking a risk...Added to "bomb-stopper" rubber bones for the collies and it will be another walkover. Its all laid out on the Armynet - Project GLENDOWER I think. Ooops, now I've leeked it.

    I'll get my comedy merchydd woman's shawl...
  15. Where on earth do politicians get these ideas from?

    *Looks at his callsign*

    :oops: Oh....