Defense (sic) Firms Lure Retired Generals

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Bad CO, Jan 3, 2011.

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  1. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    How terrible, of course nothing similar happens here ..... does it?

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  2. Outrageous, now where do I sign up to become a 3 star so that I can bounce into one of these lucrative retirement plans. I gather that divisional command experience can open up a few opportunities this side of the pond as well.
  3. We used to say that there are so many Colonels in the MOD that they work as tea boys. Well almost the same is true of Generals in the USA.

    Then there are two sides to the "Many Generals" problem. MY wife, who works for a large corporation, has a friend and colleague whose husband is a retired Air Force 2 star. He walked out of the Air Force and into a job with the defense realated Corporation he had been attached to prior to his retirement.

    There is also a downside example, one of the telephone customer service advisers at my wifes location has just returned to work after a reserve military commitment of around seven years in Iraq and Afgahnistan. He left civvy life as a Reserve Major on promotion to Lt Colonel........he arrived back to take up his call centre operative position again as an army one star. He is trying to find ways of expanding his reservist role whilst back in the USA, understandable really, $25K a year call centre op or, $100K a year General.

    I also have a mate with whom I go shooting, his rank is Colonel his occupation is F18 pilot. He is presently working as the in house service representative and subject matter expert with a civvy Corporation developing "something" for fighters. He has already been told he has a job with them when he retires in a couple of years and already has the benefit of a company car ........ a civvy one.

    As an aside, the cousins love British military expertise. There are a fair few AT's and ATO's doing their thing here as well as a few of THEM working for "Specialist Training Consultancies".