Defense Dept. Briefing with U.K. Royal Marine Robert Fry

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NEO_CON, May 12, 2006.

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  1. His assesment of the sisuation in Basra was new to me.
  2. I hate asking this come he's got 3 stars on his collar as wellas his other gubbins on his shoulders? Spam recognition perhaps?
  3. Open your eyes and ears and you'll find there's a hell of alot new to you out there!
  4. Been discussed here though the subject matter's two star Maj-Gen John Cooper

    Easier rank recognition, yes.
  5. Since when did the 3* rank reappear in the RM?
  6. Most likely He's wearing them so us "septics" can recognize his rank. They will give the average "Snuffy" a guide to how high he rates.
  7. The most senior job dedicated to the RM is only a Maj Gen's post, but he is in a Joint Post (Deputy Chief of Defence Staff) which can rotate between services allowing him to be promoted. There is potential for the Chief of the Naval Staff (4*) to be a RM or even CDS (4*), although unlikely.
  8. thought so, lowest common denominator.
  9. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    uh-huh...CGRM is Senior who gets to be " Captain General" when Phil the Greek croaks then ? :?
  10. They should. It would bring a lot of experience from someone who has a great understanding of both naval and ground under one hat.
  11. who should be Captain General post Phil the Greek.....

    Prince Edward obviously!
  12. Well spoken and thoughtful presentation.

    This quote at 21:30 minutes in must have caused some consternation among several regulars on this board:

    We have absolutely nothing to teach the American army whatsoever. The American Army I see today is highly competent in counter-insurgency techniques and the slightly separate military discipline of counter-terrorist techniques. I think there maybe could have been a time we could have given you some advice about procedure, about doctrines and about specific technologies but I think those days are gone. I think, as it stands today there is no difference between the quality of operations the American Army produces in Iraq and those that the British Army produces.

    The reporters seem to give him a lot more respect and fewer challenges then they usually do to American generals. I wonder if it's the Brit upper-class (is it?) accent that seems to have partially wowed them.
  13. Nothing new, in WWI officers in the RND used to wear naval lace on their sleeves and army pips on their shoulders.