Defense Cutbacks Reach All time record

Thought it was going to be a link to a Septic video. We spell defence with a 'c' :wink:
i think know that pair of eejits... looks like safwan hill. wondered how those bowman whips got broken..
That is an absolute disgrace. How dare the MoD send soldiers into combat like that? The MoD need to cancel several major procurement contracts so that our poor soldiers do not have to go to war without even the basics like two coconuts to knock together :D
Those Rebro's get quite boring. You'd die of Banjo poisoning...


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Tucking fossers :pissedoff:

Good drills the guy with back to cam - his adversary lacks imagination :cry:
Nice one, Chiefy. Loved it!

I'm laughing and cringing while cupping my nads at the same time. I'm glad to see that todays youth are just as stupid as we were. It's not Army without testicular stustification,
PiperWill said:
Anyone able to tell me how to download the video to my PC?
Er... get a google account and the viewer, then press the "download this video button"

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