Defensa 24 & 37 day CP & HECPO Courses

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by DEFENSA, Sep 18, 2012.

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  1. Hello all,
    We are currently supplying 2 types of residential CP Training.
    24 day UK course includes:
    BTEC Level 3 in Close Protection
    BTEC Level 2 in FPoS-I
    Remote Trauma
    Tactical & Defensive Driving on our private airfield
    Counter Terrorism & IED Awareness
    Unarmed Combat & Edged Weapons

    Cost: £2,400 & includes accommodation at our training centre and 2 meals a day

    If you wish to continue onto our HECPO course bringing the course duration to 37 days within our training centre in the Everglades & Miami, Florida you also get:
    Tactical Firearms 3500 Rounds on Glock 17/19, M4 & AK47
    Cost: £4,500 & includes all the 24 day course including accommodation and food, flights to the USA, Tranfers, Accommodation and food within our FOB

    Full references are available upon request, but here is one we received from Colonel Richard Kemp:
    "Having personally undergone training with Defensa International I know their packages are at the very top end of what is on the market. Their standards are second to none and the planning, organization and delivery of their courses is exceptionally professional in every way. I would unreservedly recommend Defensa International training to anybody who wants to increase their proficiency and gain qualifications in these critical areas. I would also recommend Defensa International qualified personnel to potential employers in the strongest terms."Colonel Richard Kemp CBE
    Former Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan and Chairman of the COBRA Intelligence Group

    Please visit for more information
  2. So good you posted twice?
  3. So Colonel Richard Kemp has done your CP course has he? I did wonder what he did with all that resettlement allowance, I would have thought a Plastering course or maybe bricklaying.

    I'm not saying you're talking bollocks as when i had a meeting the other day with a new client, I noticed their security guy who signed me in was none other than General Sir Peter De La Billiere. He said it just gives him a bit of beer money to top up his pension.
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  4. No Colonel Kemp did not attend our full CP course, he came in for our HEAT package as pre deployment. Unfortuately even those with as much experience as himself have red tape to go through.
  5. I've only got £534 to spend on my Resettlement.
  6. Enough for a CP trained pony?