Defending Your Home Computer

Defending Your Home Computer by the Information Warfare Division Chief (or Branch Chief) of the Joint Command, Control and Information Warfare School at the Joint Forces Staff College. It includes best practices and personal recommendations. 8O

Ok, so PC security shouldn't be ignored but that seems to be quite a high level interest for home PC's!

Other good articles from...
Blimey! Shouldn't need the IWDC, a good inf Section well dug in, in all-round defence should be enough to protect most PCs :lol:

Seriously though, anyone connecting to the internet is well advised these days to have "Firewall" software (to keep other people out) and up-to-date anti-virus software (to keep virus infections out) as, just like other infections you can pick up without protection, it's a pain when you get one!

I keep my home pc in an old NBC suit and wear a ressie when I use it - seems to work too.
canteen_cowboy said:
Best defence is dont let anyone a sys op/tech in their title near it :wink:
Especially if the aforementioned computer belongs to a senior officer / scoutmaster / priest / head teacher etc. otherwise the Operation Ore team could see their workload increase.
Rgtl_Stick_Insect said:
I keep my home pc in an old NBC suit and wear a ressie when I use it - seems to work too.
Do you surf with your left hand at the same time.... :wink:

got one of those special mice you can operate with a pencil between the teeth too.. in case i fancy a "threesome"
seriously though, and i do like the funny answers so far....

like has been said, get a firewall and AV software. especially if you are a broadband/cable user.

if unsure what to get PM me and i am happy to advise. (do this stuff for a living)

Its scary when you get a firewall as it tells you when you are being attacked (when i first installed mine was getting 10+ hits a day. made me think how often i was getting hit before and they had access to my hard disk) i still get 10+ hits a day but i turned the pop up warning off so now i live in ignorant but safe bliss.

Also worth pointing out that there are FREE versions of firewall and a-v software readily available (although you gets what you pay for) so there's no excuse not to have it.

Also that a-v software slows things down a lot.

So it gives you more time and money to buy things like ex-SAS mousemats and Clansman compatible soundcards from e-bay... :)
For anyone too tight fisted to pay for a firewall. here a basic one

They arent bad but it has been stated you get what you pay for.
Don't forget if you use Windows, you should keep your computer updated (Service Packs, patches etc) using the Windows Update facility or by visting Microsoft's Update Website.

Also it can pay to check for Spyware/Adware - which are not all picked up by Anti-Virus products. 'Ad-Aware' (from Lavasoft) and 'SpyBot Search and Destroy' are both well regarded and free!
Hmm.. Beta stuff should be free - it's supposedly the final version prior to the real one (like Windows 95!!) and the prupose of the Beta trial is for all the happy users to find the bugs and report them without the comeback of "I BOUGHT this and it made my PC crash 20 times in 1 day". Hopefully the finished version has all the bugs ironed out, if not you get a service pack or equivalent soon afterwards.

Call me a cynic but I doubt very much that the final released version will be free UNLESS it helps lock you into using MS-Everything-else from then on. I'm sure there'll be "student" versions available at a knock-down price though to keep the educational market on board.

There have been some interesting trials of "open source" software in Central / Local Government and each time it seems the work has been aided by an "independant" study, sometimes funded by er, Microshaft or someone and each time they've decided that there's no advantage in moving to Open Source.

If you're the sort of person who's disturbed at the thought of having to swear allegiance to T Bliar & co instead or HM - try reading the MS "Agreement" when you install something!! It's a "real easy" read.

In case it's not obvious, I prefer to avoid the big M if I can - oh and if you want a free Anti-virus tool (with updates available) try a google search on AVG -there's about 99,000 "hits" to choose from!


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