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I am currently in BFG and whenever I return home I never cease to be amazed by the mutants that inhabit our country.

Moreover Britain now seems to be engaged in a massive downward spiral of greed, selfishness and an obsession whith dogsh!t reality TV programmes.  

Is it just me or have things started to get a lot worse recently?


Reality TV a la running man with the wierd mutants as the cannon fodder contestants, closely followed by those who watch the shows!


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Must  agree, when I go to thew UK the place seems a bit grey, down-troden and lots of miserable sods moaning about everything.

In fact, I find it quite depressing, therefore I think I will marry a hareem of Thai girls and set up a chain of fish & chip shops on a tropical island.


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The Royal Family is not under investigation.

The wife of the PM is not engaged in illegal activities regarding personal property.

The RN is like any other and has an understandable attrition rate of warfighting equipment (just like human error in any field, lets start to look at the figures of crashed FF appliances...)

And an army who's rifles DO work (used them in offensive conflictwith a high attrition rate, so I know), never had a pair of boots that melted (If you believe all that you read in the papers then you are stupid), the tanks run when the tax is paid to pay for the desert sand filters (by those not on STRIKE!!)

I'm proud of the fact that I volunteered to give my life to die for you.  Shame that you would rather sacrafice my life for money...


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And yes, this soil is well worth defending, even if I have to defend you too...
Cant understand why anybody would volunteer to die.

Sometimes the end result is death but certainley wouldn't volunteer for it,  The idea is to fight to win, not accept death before its due

Can you imagine if a post was requested on part one orders for a suicide mission, all report to the guardroom 07:30 tomorow, me thinks you'll be stood on your own CGS
"No one ever won a war by dying for his country. You win by making the other poor, dumb bastard die for his"
General Patton
You can lead a horse to water, but you cant climb a ladder with a bell in each hand

Vic Reeves
.....and getting back on thread....

Well, has the country slid progressively downhill since 1979?
Not sure but the Bobsleigh team certainly has ;D
Not to mention the cricket team....

More fcuking collapses than a polio bop :mad:
Tread carefully again PP the Bob team was made up from Para boys till they went off the boil.

Wonder who stepped in ;D

Not ginger are you PP
At least they actually looked like winnig things when the Para's were running the show, the 3 pip in charge actually was from my old Batt, and so were a lot of the blokes on the team, skiving bastarrds ;D

Oh and no, I am not ginger ;D