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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jackhackett, Jun 17, 2008.

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  1. Anybody had first-hand experience of the airport style security at ferry ports? More to the point, the morons who staff these check points...

    I travelled to Dublin last week from Holyhead and rolled up at the Stena terminal as a walk-on passenger/client sans holdall. Walked into the almost empty security zone, passed through the x-ray machine and was royally turned over by an assortment of yellow jacketed, badge-bearing assholes barking questions as though I was the local recruiting Sergeant for Taliban UK Inc; vigorously frisked by some rabid bummer who took too much enjoyment than was comfortable in his task followed by another wankshaft masquerading as plod (I couldn't properly identify) who, upon discovering I wasn't carrying my passport (you don't need one to travel to Eire), tried to take my driving licence off me then threw a piece of card at me ordering me to "fill out this form" (piece of blue card) telling me "it's the law" - you wouldn't believe the amount and level of info they wanted.

    I got the impression they were bored and were dying for me to give them an opportunity to ruin my day.

    I expect this style of heavy handedness at airports - but Holyhead to Dublin fer focks sake ???

    Icing on the cake: I came back four days later only to walk straight off the ferry and out onto the streets of Holyhead - not one single person or check, just walked down the gantry and out into the bus station - focking incredible!!
  2. It's the Welsh, they can't get over the fact they are Welsh.
  3. You will find a prevailing culture of institutionalised disrespect for ordinary members of the public endemic at almost every level where the state interfaces with it's Crown subjects.

    The population of England and Wales is administered in a style which differs little from that of a Crown Colony during the worst excesses of the Raj. Just remember whose in charge, know your place and bear in mind that you are a colonial subject in your own country!

    Oh and if you are a white, heterosexual working class male then congratulations. You belong to an ethnic grouping the state has declared 'open-season' on!
  4. Complain about the way you were treated. There are ways and means of doing security checks without being rude about it, I had to. Politeness costs nothing whereas bad manners can cost everything.
  5. How true. Lucky theres no examples of that on this site.
  6. Holyhead is one of the most depressing places I have ever been to, the only place that have been open the number of times I have been there is the pub and woolworths. I have also never seen anyone under 50+ in the actual town, just at the port.
  7. Got stranded there once when I missed my ferry several years ago, hasn't changed much since around 1720 when Jonathan Swift found himself stuck there;

  8. It is not only '....being Welsh....' as one poster said, it is being NORTH Welsh.

    If you ask someone up there politely "Excuse me, is that the sun or the moon up there?", the answer will probably be: "Sorry I don't know I'm from Lanfairpwllgwyngyllllantisiliogogogoch".

    PS: I'm Welsh, from South Wales. There are two countries separated by a hundred miles and lots of sheep. I am ashamed of the treatment described by the poster of this thread.
  9. They are tawt's in Pembroke as well! so that's isquared argument bollixed,

    ps I'm not ashamed of his'll harden him.

    pps I'm welsh :oops:
  10. Personaly I cannot stand the North Walians, a bunch of inbred ignorant twats with a throat infection posing as a language, who never got over the fact that the National Eistedfod used to be held in Birkenhead, and claimed that Liverpool was their Capital City. They can only speak English when Money is proffered, and when asked directions, seem not to know where they live themselves. Now the South Welsh are totally different, very welcoming and good boozy mates, and the bints are.................Well, gallantry forbids me from declaiming on their Ahh..Errm...................

    .................They **** like Stoats though, ANGRY ONES TOO!
  11. we need a V for Vedetta type to teach this shitty government a lesson....a government is supposed to serve the poeple.

    "a government scared of its people is a free socity......people scared of its government is tryanny" Jeffinson i think

    "a armed socity is a free one"
  12. when confronted by the jobsworths at airports in Uk.
    I speak mandarin.
    or tagalog(I also have a phillipines passport).
    they get a bit fazed at a 50 something white male holding a uk passport talking in non enlish.
    I then say-I love this country-asylum,wonderful,dole,wonderfull,you very wonderfull woman(to both genders).
    usually get out in about 3 seconds flat.
    a cheery cheers pal in a glasgow accent(my natural accent despite the factory 20 years ago) as I leave is a joy I find hard to supress.
    re north walian girls-yes once engaged to one.
    smashing lass.
    a gentleman reveals no more.
  13. I think that you'll find that Dublin is in Ireland - you fecking idiot!!
  14. If you wanna know what us South Wales Valley boys think of the Gogs (North Walians) CLICK HERE