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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by stab23, Jun 4, 2010.

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  1. I read somewhere that the Defenders have full IFR fit - so presumably army FW pilots learn to fly civilian IFR procedures.? If so, where do they do this? 45(R) Sqn? Or is it done in-house?
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  6. They do their basic training to wings parade with the crabs, then continue training once they are on the squadrons. My bro got a full set of civvy quals while he was at MW. I think they still do civvy quals now that they are at Aldergrove. Not a bad option if you are going civvy - bruv is now with Virgin and earns more than a Field Marshal (well so I reckon).
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  9. I was on the first course for the Islander.
    Ten days in I of W and 10 at Hants and Sussex Bus company.
    Got sacked from Beaver Flt before we got our first Islander and only had one flight from Aldergrove to Bellykelly when coming back off leave.

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  13. IIRC some would-be Islander/Defender drivers have been getting twin turboprop and IFR training on the Jetstream with 750 NAS at Culdrose, as 45(R) Sqn were jammed full, short of serviceable airframes or both. FAA sounds like a better option to me anyway! Given the choice I'd rather spend time in the company of a WAFU than a Crab...
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