Defender completes her first sea trials

Ministry of Defence said:
Defender, the Navy's fifth state-of-the-art Type 45 destroyer, has successfully completed her first set of sea trials, with her speed, manoeuvrability, sensors and weapons having been tested over three weeks off Scotland.


Deleted 20555

One supposes the fact that there was no running aground or hitting very large rocks that are shown in great detail on maps is sufficient for the Navy to think of this as a stunning success?
Was there ever an HMS Troutbridge? I mean outside of the radio programme.
Sea trials, thats big!

Getting to play in the big grey boaty thing which smells of new paint whilst the civvies who built it hold your hands and stop you from falling in. Nice!

I like it when the Navy plays nice! It must be like Xmas with seagulls, now do try not to **** it all up before boxing day!

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