Defender - B service?


Failed to get this squared away before Mr GS left and he's now out of contact. I would like to know what should happen during a B service so that I have half a clue before I take it in tomorrow.

A year to run on the warranty and this is the 24,000 mile service. Independent garage and supposedly a Land Rover specialist. They've got a decent reputation so not expecting to be ripped off but still want to know something about what should/shouldn't be done.

A brief google didn't help me.

Many thanks in advance.

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I seem to have had more luck at Googling.

RCV - 4x4 Land Rover Servicing - Defender Service Prices for Kent, Sussex, uk

These tell us that the B service alternates with either the A service or the C service, depending on your engine. I'm guessing but I suspect that the B service includes a cam belt change, judging from the higher price and the absence of any other individually high service price.

If you really want to know what's involved in each service, this thread Service Schedule for Defender TD5 (1999) - Land Rover Zone tells me that you need to read the contents of "the Rave CD".

The Rave CD can be downloaded from here: Landrover Rave CD | Repair My Landrover (I'm assuming that the link works...)
Thank you puttees. I didn't understand anything I read on google and fear I'd have the same ignorance issue with anything I downloaded. I can change a tyre (not a Defender tyre!) but don't ask me to name the tools needed to change it.

I'm after a total idiot's guide to the B service i.e. an oil change, fuel filter change, pollen filter change etc.

Not to worry, I'll just have to hope that this garage aren't into ripping off people who don't know any better. The first service cost £499 + VAT for basically an oil change and then they tried to convince me I needed 4 new tyres which I didn't as I've got AT tyres which were new less than 2 weeks before. Still, they generously gave me some free shortbread...... main dealer robbing bastards.

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Why not phone a Landrover dealer and ask them what a B service involves ? or give Gumtree ( google them ) a ring and ask them ..... they are a local ish to me independent LR specialist who are very trust worthy .

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