DEFENDER 90 / 110 or FREELANDER Commercial???

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by onfire, Jan 16, 2006.

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  1. My Peugeot 106 is expiring its last petrol puffs, and I am looking at what to buy next.

    I have abused the 106 putting kayaks, canoes and surfboards on the roof (so the paint is scratched to feck); i have crammed all sorts of AT kit inside, so there are scuffs, scrapes, sandy bits, ripped bits etc and the car was never quite big enough; and i have taken it off road more than i did Army Rovers.

    i want a wagon that will take my wet kit being thrown in - without worrying about damage, will take my kayak on top, maybe let me kip in the back, and wont mind too much driving through forest tracks and disused quarries.

    i really fancy a Freelander commercial (2 seat, van back) but feel it may be an expensive alternative to a Defender. what are your opinions?

    how does the cost of running differ between a 90 or 110? how does the running cost of a defender differ to the freelander? petrol or diesel?

    would it work out cheaper to buy / run if i just bought a smaller estate?

    your experience / advice would be really useful
  2. Why not consider a Toyota Hi lux.
    Hard as nails, half the price and half the repair bills.

    But a 110 TDI3 would be my choice. Not so much computer controled mumbo jumbo. for ease of DIY repair. bags of space for when your are to be posted/drafted.

  3. Buying the requisite hair-dressing salon to go with the Freelander might be a big initial outlay, but it might end up turning a tidy little profit.
  4. Why not go for an ex-military 110. Full service history and bags of spares at hand if you need them....
  5. skold - ur on my wave length - tdi seems to be the way ahead, and bit cheaper now - although there are the risks of a second hand vehicle then.

    freelander just seems lower to get a canoe on the roof, and maybe a bit comfier day to day

    any running costs anyone?
  6. Landrover 110 Defender everytime folks.My brother has a Defender but the problem he is experiencing is water ingress through the doors from rain.It is in at the moment and they are trying to sort the problem out and they have given him a Freelander to run around in he states that it is complete shi'ite of a vehicle.So go for the 110 if you want a good yin.
  7. DO NOT buy a freelander...

    i spent 8 years in the motor trade, and they are sh1te.

    Toyota hi lux is practically the only thing apart from cockroaches that would survive a direct nuclear strike...

    10 000 gyppos, rag heads, somalian warlords and the taliban cant be wrong mate :D
  8. Freelander? nice little car but nothing more. Useless off road and a little fragile at times

    90/110 good but not chep to live with, most reliable of all is original non turbo diesel but incredibly slow......

    Toyota Hilux practical in many ways but horrible to drive and only moderate off road ability.

    My prsonnal choice, old V8 Range Rover for fun activities and an ordinary care for the rest of the time, far cheaper way of doing things, depends on your weekly mileage
  9. Running a Defender 90 or 110 is similar in cost. You sound like an adventurous outdoor type so the 90 would be better off-road because of it's reduced overhang back and front. 110 would be ideal for dossing down in when you're too p*ssed to put up a tent!

    As an AT, a Freelander is just not on - lacks any street cred, you'd be abused by fellow Landy owners and it would be presumed that you would be doing "Hairdressing" for pre-release! Besides, the off-road capability of a freelander is not much better than a Peugeot 106!!! Bottom line is a 90 is best option with a 110 in 2nd place if you've got too much kit for a 90. However, a Discovery is a good compromise of both. Get the "Landrover Owner International" magazine - it's got a secondhand buyers guide and loads of private sales. If you're at Ktn, come and see me, there's one on my desk.
  10. toyota hilux seems good too - definately a solid workhorse, but poor for passengers etc and definitely not a 'going for a meal' car - unless its a drive through!

    i guess i pay £40 a tank petrol and about £30 each tyre. it costs £100 - 200 for a service and generally costs me £100 for an MOT. Tax - £100ish and Insurance £350 - 400ish.

    is a diesel or petrol defender better?
  11. I would get a diesel of any of the models you are looking at. Petrol freelanders can have head gasket problems (though this should have been sorted) on the 1.8 and the 2.5 V6 is very thirsty. Petrol landies are very thirsty around 18 - 23 mpg for the 4 cylinder models and 14 - 18 for the V8. If you buy a petrol model let me know and I will buy shares in the petrol companies

    TD4 Freelander returns about 37 mpg if you are lucky and the the TD5 Defenders return about 30. Older TDi will do about the same. you can get cheap parts for the 90/ 110 and the workshops will be familiar with them when you need a hand with servicing. Make sure that it has the gearbox mods done and the timing belt is changed.

    freelander commercial will be quieter for general driving, but not as capable offroad, but should be able to do what you seem to be asking of it.

    for the same price you will get an older defender but the depreciation will be less when you come to sell it on.

    Discoveries are fairly cheap now if you are not bothered about getting the interior mucky or they did a commercial version of that. Stay away from the MPi version as it is underpowered unless you put the turbo engine from the rover coupe in it.
  12. K80RMG - thanks buddy, thats the advice i was looking for - although not just because it agrees with my views!!

    a 110 i think would be better for me as my old man has a SIII 88" and i think id struggle to get my mountain bike in there - equally the ability to squeeze 6 people in will probably prove quite handy.

    keep it coming guys!

  13. thanks rigpig too - isnt the disco just a poor mans range rover?
  14. No - each have their own role! RR's for those who want luxury. Discos are a good compromise between comfort and workability without the luxury.

    Landrover Owner Intl will express it far better.
  15. Disco was just a RR underneath with a new body on it, created when LR wanted to push the RR further up market.

    I used my old 110 for the sort of thing that you propose to use one for. the only time it let me down was with punctures in the inner tubes. I still had to do a lot of work on it but it kept on going when ever needed. Wife told me off for selling it as she never got a chance to drive it offroad (intentionally). Managed to sleep two people quite comfortably in the back of the 110 as couldnt be bothered to put up a tent and it could be hosed out when it was really filthy.

    110's are a little bit cheaper to buy at the moment than 90's for some reason, but in my view are better, can carry both people and kit at the same time.