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Defender 110 Clutch


anyone know about the above? Mine has suddenly developed about 2 inches of free travel, but at biting point it works fine. Have changed both cylinders recently, system bled, no help!


Bleed it again, sounds a lot like air still in system. 110 Slave cylinders can be stubborn buggers to bleed.
Plus this is the cheapest thing to try


Book Reviewer
Could be the mechanical bit? Unbolt the plates above the pedals and have a bit poke about. If it is the clutch, I m pretty sure I have a brand new one in its box at the back of the shed. I'll take half price on the best internet price. Postage I think will be a tenner, but we can adjust that either way.
Sounds like the clutch fluid is leaking so a temporary fluid top up before determining the source of the leak is in order. Are you finding clutch fluid in the drivers footwell?
Clutch changed about 2 years ago.
No fluid in the footwell (i.e. it's not the master)
I'm going to try and bleed it again in the next couple of days.

Iron Duke - thank you for your kind offer, I'll let you know if I need the help!


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