Aug 19 2005

CIVIL servants at the Ministry of Defence are to get massive bonuses.

The Whitehall workers will receive handouts of between £3000 and £20,000 each year.

Sir Kevin Tebbitt, the MoD's permanent Secretary who earns a reported £130,000, will pick up the maximum bonus.

The handouts come after protests from the department's 110,000 workers because only 50,000 were getting bonuses.

The latest issue of their internal journal, Focus, says people entitled to bonuses will be increased to 75,000, which means staff could be in for individual and team payouts.

A senior MoD source said: "We're not going to reveal how much this is going to cost but I assure you most of those who've had the extra money deserve it for working long hours."

One middle-ranking civil servant with 18 years in the job got £10,000 last year.

One source said: "This is going to cost multi-millions. Now everyone is getting a slice of the cake."

Last month, Defence Secretary John Reid ordered 25,000 jobs to go in military support services in a bid to save £4billion over the next 10 years.

No other government departments are getting the bonuses
Mostly that report is utter carp. At the base level AOs (or rather 50% of AOs) can get a bonus of c£700-800 which as their basic is rock bottom slave wages. On the other hand the Mandarins in London and the cnut who dreamed up the Bonus Scheme for CS gets loads.
If MOD staff are going to get bonuses does this mean they will be as effective as the private sector and they will stop dossing, buying crap, pay people on time, get docs out on time etc etc

I'm sure there are some good civil servants but giving bonuses for overtime or doing their job? Does this also mean they can be sacked for being useless?

Or does my disgust at the majority of the public sector and their waste and lack of accountablity seem to be cynical?

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