Defence Vision & The TA.

How does the current poor situation the TA finds itself in match against that wondrous idea that is "Defence Vision".

Sunday lunch has just gone down range (thankyou chef!), and whilst cogitating on matters military, my mind wandered to the thought of all the Brigade Commanders up and down the country, who in addition to their many other (and some might argue more important) duties, are now solely responsible for signing off the hire of the odd minibus. 2-3 decades of experience, training and a 6 figure salary well spent there eh?

Before tomorrows excitement in Parliament, I thought you may want to 'have at' the document below. Interested in your views on how this stands up today!


MoD Website said:
MoD Website - Defence Vision

The Defence Vision
The key principles which provide the basis of work for Defence.

Defending the United Kingdom and its interests
Strengthening international peace and stability

A force for good in the world

We achieve this aim by working together on our core task to produce battle-winning people and equipment that are:

Fit for the challenge of today
Ready for the tasks of tomorrow
Capable of building for the future

We have shown we succeed in what we do. We must continue to adapt to a more uncertain world. We will be flexible and creative, harnessing new technologies and ideas to make best use of our resources.

We will base our future direction on:

Providing strategy that matches new threats and instabilities

We face new challenges and unpredictable new conditions. Our strategy must evolve to reflect these new realities.

For the future this means:

evolving strategy and military doctrine that is flexible and geared to changing conditions
behaving with speed, flexibility and creativity as an organisation – in the way we work and the way we respond to external events
holding fast, in the face of change, to our underpinning military traditions and commitment to public service

Maintaining flexible force structures

As our strategy evolves, we will develop force structures to maintain battle-winning capabilities that are relevant and effective against emerging threats.

For the future this means:

greater focus on capability rather than delivery platforms
developing pace of deployment and impact
increasing precision of effect
flexibility and agility in terms of platforms and equipment.
the highest standards of professionalism among men and women imbued with fighting spirit, well trained and properly equipped

Reaching out into the wider world

We are major contributors to the business of government and to society as a whole. We will increasingly recognise and manage our contribution.

For the future this means:

working closely with other Departments, with the private and voluntary sectors in the UK, and with our allies abroad, to integrate the military, diplomatic, economic and social components of crisis resolution
strengthening our links with the Civil Departments to implement the government’s domestic agenda – making our contribution in the regions, and providing support in civil emergencies
playing a key role as part of wider society, for example in our contribution to training and skills and to health
helping the rest of government benefit from making wider use of our skills in project management and delivery
working in closer partnership with the private sector to deliver value for money

Leading a high-performing organisation

The many demands on the MOD, including its role as military headquarters, require us to be first class in the way we lead and manage the business of defence.

For the future this means:

clear leadership at all levels, focussed on delivering the vision
managers free to get on with tasks and held to account against clear objectives
demonstrably effective management of our resources
stripping out bureaucracy, with ways of working that are simple and "fit for purpose" and using common standards wherever possible
working flexibly, with project and task-based teams

Investing in our people

We are world leaders in many aspects of how we manage and develop our people. We will build on this with strong leadership and focussed investment.

For the future this means:

providing strong unified leadership, service and civilian personnel working together
benefiting from diversity by recruiting service and civilian personnel reflecting society as a whole and with the right skills for the task
balancing rewarding successful performance with robust management of poor performance
being a learning organisation, sharing knowledge, committed to developing our people

By holding true to these principles we will move forward together to maintain and enhance our capability

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