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Defence Training Academy- Decision imminent

What role will this place have? What courses will it take on?
From the web site:

The Academy will provide technical training to all the armed services - the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. The areas of specialist training include three engineering disciplines (aeronautical, electro-mechanical and communications / IT), logistics training, languages, intelligence and photography. Servicemen and women will come to the Academy once they have successfully completed their basic training. The Academy will also provide career development courses and 'refresher' courses for all three services.
Thanks - didn't see this bit

So does this mean the end of the Defense Language School in Beaconsfield?

What other establishments will be run down once this place opens?
Food for thought isn't it - how will Arborfield, Deepcut, Borden & Chicksands fair?

Sold off for property development ? ? ? ? ? ?
Yup link here

Now was there anything more on what bases will close to pay for this thing?

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