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Discussion in 'REME' started by zedarex, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. I've been working for DSG for a few years now, we're looking down the barrel of privatisation. Just wondered what you guys at the sharp end think about the sell-off.
  2. Although I'm now out I still have contacts still serving that are army & also civilian mechanics. From what they tell me it's not a surprise as the service DSG have been giving in Stirling & Catterick has been crap for a long while and has recently dropped to new levels of crapiness.

    I remember having many a good word for the service provided by Stirling whilst I was still in but Catterick were a law unto themselves and did what they wanted despite the work request being extremely clear!

    I still can't see how privatising DSG will improve the service though.
  3. I smell journo.
  4. Think DSG should be sold off to BackStreetRepairsRUs. I went to look at some of the work carried out by DSG and was amazwes that the out inspection had not picked up some serious blunders!!!
  5. There are bacteria on the worms at the bottom of my garden that would make a better job of running DSG than the current 'management'. Bring on the change I say or maybe we could get Lord Sugar to run it as a task for the next series of The Apprentice. I can see it now ..........

    If they managed that it would be a significant improvement.
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  6. I don't. I have never been so happy as when the QM announced we were moving to local contract servicing - it meant we might actually see our CV for more than seven months of the year, and wouldn't have to completely strip it down to bare FFR every single time it needed its oil changed or its fan belt replaced.

    I thought that Land Rovers were simple and robust, but the duration of their annual service would suggest that they were right up there with nuclear submarines in the complexity stakes, or that someone was sneaking them out of the garages and hammering them to death while we weren't looking. Before winding back the odometer to suggest that they had an easy life, and were only used for two weekends a month and the occasional CQMS run...

    I can leave my radio in the car when I have it serviced, are Stirling really that much less trustworthy?

    PS the local contractor serviced on site, didn't take more than a day per vehicle, and didn't need us to tear them down.
  7. Having had fuel nicked on more than one occasion new vehicle canvases swapped for old tatty ones and various other bits swapped, yes, Stirling really is that much less trustworthy!