Defence spending


It is now less than two weeks to go to the Budget and Gordon Brown will still be balancing the billions coming in with the billions going out. The main occasion for determining the amounts to be allocated to government departments each year is the Comprehensive Spending Review, which is due out in the summer. Nevertheless, the Chancellor often distributes the odd billion in the Budget and various causes, deserving and undeserving, will be hoping to benefit from his largesse next week.

One department which will be waiting more in dread than hope will be Defence. The Chancellor may well say some warm words about our armed forces, and may even allocate some minor amounts of money to fund our operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the overall position of our armed forces is one of squeeze. And there have been rumours of a still more drastic squeeze in future, with suggestions that the Royal Navy could be radically reduced in order to save money. Does such a squeeze make sense?

A good peice of journalism outling the the dangers of cutting defence spending. The governments negligence and ignorrance when it comes to defence spening really scares me. This government continues to deploy our forces all over the world, pushing them to their limits, and then undertakes defence cuts and downsizing. While various nations all around the world like china, russia, n.korea, iran ect ect are rearming and throwing loads of money and resources into defence. The cold war may be over but if we've learnt anything from history, its that the world is NEVER safe, who knows what the future holds. We need trident and we need significant increases into defence spending to support our overstetched armed forces. The thing is, the governement may be supplying enough money, but its being absorbed by the operations in iraq and afganistan and trident. While the future of our armed forces is being ignored. We need more money to compensate this.
Very few are speaking out against this and when they do the government ignores them. It really angers and saddens me to see my country battered and bruised by this government. Lets wait and see what the next budget holds..
This kind of crap puts me in a mood where everything else then pisses me off - including ARRSE. I mean, what sort of pish is this?

ARRSE said:
Contrary to popular belief, the Army Rumour Service is not promoting the armed overthrow of HMG by the British Military

More serisouly, this whole topic smacks of the Ten Year Rule, with the added insult that we are actively involved in a operations on a global scale now, before we even look forward to the rise of the East, or the resurgence of Russia as an energy rich world power.

Who the **** are these people? and more to the point, if we can sit here knowing this stuff whilst we're at work and otherwise engaged with more pressing matters, why can't those who we're paying to sort it out, work it out?