Defence spending is lowest since the 1930s

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Jan 22, 2007.

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  1. Defence spending is lowest since the 1930s
    Daily Telegraph


    2. Do we really need such a large navy now anyway?

    3. Why? a bit rough in the cabins after lights out did it, champers not cold enough?....just relax and bite this pillow!!!!!!!

    4. Is this not the biggest assumption going. if the leader of the party resigns an election takes place it's not passed on like a pair of stained strippers undercrackers.

    Drunk, angry, tired, married, skint, cold, wet(just pissed myself),...pissed off, really pissed off!
  3. Funny that isn't it? Neither Brown nor Bliar will be present at that particular grilling, and yet they are the two cnuts responsible for the state of affairs.

    Blackmailing our forces into keeping quiet about the shortage of funds by threatening to reduce funding is a complete waste of time - it's being done anyway so there is not point in our forces personnel stopping the leaks. It's a case of 'Be quiet while I murder you, or I'll murder you!'

    Did anyone note the fact that despite the promises by Bliar that our troops could have whatever they needed to get the job done, our forces are saying that the MOD is refusing to supply the kit due to lack of funding. Same old, same old, and yet more Billy Bliar Bullsh!t.
  5. I could ask in this context: what Great Britain is defending now exactly?
  6. This could be taken two ways. Do you think the goverment is more concerned about the shortages hitting morale or the leaks about the shortages hitting morale?

    I know where I'd put my money.
  7. WFT kind of question is that?!?!? what is "Mother Land Russia" defending its self from?!?!
  8. Sergei: ever the protagonsist! The point is that if we were only required to defend British territory, the armed forces are about right to do the job, but as soon as we are required to act overseas (and our international standing demands that we must from time to time) we are underfunded and overstretched.
  9. What ever our illustrious leader tells us to. However, the amount of funding is dispraportionate to the amount of "Defending" he wants us to do
  10. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Our national interests, Sergey. Russia is not the only nation with some of them! :compress:
  11. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Our island home and ancient liberties for a start Sergei. That's what Her Majesty's Royal Navy has existed for since before some damn neo-Viking Frog called William got it into his head to come over for a visit in 1066.

    ( That said, under this LEAST Libertarian government for 50 years, this bunch of traitorous, Stalinist dunderheads, we are in danger of letting them steal our rights inch by apathetic inch.)

    How's the Black Sea fleet doing by the way ?

    Lee Shaver
  12. 1. The right not to be arrested at 3.00 a.m. (politicians excluded!) by murderous loonies commanded by a Nutter (Papa Jo/ Vlad (Putin) the Impaler) and headed up by a Paedo (Beria). The winter sports part of that holiday you can also keep - Siberia is a bit far for me.

    2. The right not to have self-heating drinks fired-up with Polonium 210 if you say something the politicians/some nutter in power somewhere doesn't like. Self preservation that one - most arrsers would be glowing like 100W bulbs by now. :sweatdrop:

    3. The right not to become part of what the Rodina is fast becoming and something even Adolf and his gang couldn't manage - a Fascist State.

    4. Our Vital National Interests globally and the security of our Country and Way of Life - despite the best attempts of our current Politburo.

    I expect the Vital National Interest bit will have lots of people getting excited discussing what it is but there you go. It is a complex question also covering Vital Security Interests. What is need however is the allocation of resources to do the job - something this lot in power aren’t doing.

    On the subject of Mad Vlad, Sergey, Do you think he will step down from Office and quietly disappear after the elections or will he have his hand up the new Presidents chuff using him as a glove puppet? Or will he just get the Duma to change the rules?
  13. From? From oiliberators of course.
  14. You are absolutely correct. Though I asked something else. Why namely you are required to act overseas? What namely you are defending there?
  15. Thanks for making me laugh!! Classic quote there!
    'Our international standing demands that we must from time to time'
    bwa ha ha !
    You mean your international standing as the turd that is hanging out of the American dogs arrse??
    You can't even compete with France these days.
    I'm loving watching the running down of the armed forces by this government. Its like someone is stamping out the dying embers of the fire of your glory days.