Defence Spending Cuts - Take Your Pick

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by meridian, Mar 15, 2009.

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  1. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    The country is up to its ear lobes in debt. Any incoming government isn't going to have any choice but to cut public spending and to cut it deeply.

    Defence is one of the big spending departments and its your job to lop say a third off the budget.

    Without any discussion about how we got here, who's fault it is or what other departments should be cut what would you cut from the defence budget.

    Think the unthinkable, nothing off limits.

    Operations, overseas bases, Trident, carriers, pensions, wages, accomodation, training, medical care, Typhoon T3, Red Arrows, JCA, FRES, DII etc etc

    Gentlemen, get your knives out and remember, no moaning, just get on with it.
  2. All the horses and anything ceremonial. Keep the goats though. mmmmmmmmmm cute
  3. first i would stop spending billions monitoring the uk population. pay cuts for mps, THEN talk about defence cuts.
  4. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Come on Ski, stop moaning, get slashing
  5. Get rid of trident

    Problem solved
  6. Start examining profit margins of manufacturers . Examine them hard.
  7. Mong Moment...
  8. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Stop ordering vastly overpriced brand-new airframes from Westland.
  9. Give up an independent nuclear deterrent and throw our lot in with the US. Get rid of the RAF and expand the AAC to provide all helicopter and transport functions for the Army. For fighter cover throw our lot in with the EU. Mass troop movement using allies, either EU or NATO.
    We could be more integrated with the European Army without relinquishing command. For instance it would make more sense for MBTs to be atationed on mainland Europe. One huge fleet with tank regiments from EU rotating through every 3-5 years. In the years they're not manning the EU MBT fleet then they are in recce and light tank mode. Heavy artillery could be treated the same, in fact all the equipment needed for large-scale 'conventional' warfare could be kept on the European continent and manned on a rotational basis. That way skills are maintained without huge capital expense of buying the equipment.
  10. First principles - what is it you no longer wish to do in terms of Operations - if you can reduce the expectations on HM Forces to deliver - so assume we will only do peacekeeping for 2 Inf bns and nothing more, then you can bring down the force structure accordingly.

    All very well saying "slash and burn", but you need to know what it is they want Defence to do - once we know that we can then cut away with all due abandon.
  11. Bin Trident

    If we need it we're dead anyway.
  12. The difficulty is that R&D is very expensive and there is never a guaranteed market for the finished product. A piece of equipment may cost billions in research and development and may never make it into service. Those costs generally have to be borne by the manufacturer so profit margins have to take those costs into account if manufacturers are to keep apace with other nations.
  13. End all PFI projects. If the carpetbaggers want to try their day in Court, the money saved can handily put a mech inf Battalion into their company HQ without too much trouble. Think on.

    End Sodexho's contract and establish a tri-Service ACC equivalent under military discipline as the source of Service nutrition. Allow Unit commanders to decide who runs the Messes under the normal rules of Service accounting.

    Establish the rule that Defence contractors will only be paid what they bid for any project and not a penny more. If the project is delayed or the end product ineffective, the company refunds in full and the Board as individuals are held accountable - again under military discipline. It's our ball, if you want to play you play by our rules.

    Impose as part of the Service contract a rule that no Senior Officer can take up employment with an organisation that has an interest in any area they've worked in in the 10 years prior to retirement, this ban to last for 5 years after resignation/retiral.

    Sort out the waste and corruption in the defence budget and you can have cashmere Warrior-cosies for 1UK Armd with the saving. and no need for cuts elsewhere.
  14. Trident guarantees our seat at the top table in NATO and the UN.

    Bin Trident, get something cheaper and just as glow-n-the-dark. Centre on Tacnukes. Our 'deterrent' always struck me as suitable for bad-tempered addition to a main stonk. Like kicking someone when they're down, just to say you laid into him as well.

    ..and put Defence Manufacturers through the wringer costs-wise.
  15. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    I would start with bining all conultants at MOD, Bring all IT systems in house and stop issusing top of the range laptops to muppets who lose them. Cancel Trident, Have Heavy penalty clauses that work and are inforceable on All Military contractors, project managers that know how to manage. Review all contracts that are over 18 months behind delivery date, Ditch the Typhoon buy the F18 /F22 Bin Nimrod. All tenders to be open (unless sneaky peeky kit) rebuy useable married quarters that were sold and leased back, retrain our services to train our pilots, drivers divers and other specialists skills and discontinue using outside contractors. Give armed services all Branches a pay rise of 4% above inflation and a bonus every 3 years for time served, or reinlistment. introduce a GI Bill type sheme, covering further education and re-skilling for civvie street.