Defence Spending a disgrace

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by littlemonster, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. Telegraph: Britain's Defence Spending a disgrace

    Apparently the Pope is also Catholic..

    However, it's an interesting article for the comments from the public.

    Apart from this one:

  2. Thats a pretty fcukin stupid comment, tree hugging hippy!

    I wish we had a defence budget like the USA, it's also a shame that our budget isn't higher, I find it funny how the UK forces are pushed with budgets yet the government find cash to pay for immigrants and buying bankrupt banks!
  3. Another one

    love it. surely a Wahh!
  4. hahahaa
  5. ... that would explain it ... ;)
  6. Is this true?
  7. That is abso-f*cking-lutely outstanding. Personnally I am most displeased that I have been unable to rape, pillage, torture and murder whom I so please as it is my favourite hobby, my dad Mr P Sutcliffe feel the same. :)
    A few gallows wouldn't go amiss though, for tree hugging morons like that one. 8O
    The first to cry for help if the bad men come knocking no doubt!
  8. Yes it is.

    Pg 26 of the 2006 financial report. As spending seems to be increasing massively each year, I suspect the 2007 total is much greater.

    On the plus side, I think all this negative publicity about spending is actually helping the recruitment problem. Loads of people at my university are looking into joining because they want to do what they can in such a time of crisis. Hopefully a recruitment boom and increased government funding from the soon to be elected Conservatives will strike at the same time.
  9. Have the conservatives actually stated their plans for defence spending? I understood the only statement they have made is to 'reduce commitments' rather than increase funding. Other than that, they've stayed silent AFAIK
  10. I think they'll have to increase spending. Its got to happen eventually, and the public is becoming increasingly more favourable to the idea. The prospect of increased defense spending is too antithetical to idiotic lefty labourite beliefs for the current dictatorship to actually do anything. I think the Conservative values will allow them to be much more free with their chequebook.
  11. I'll believe that when I see it. The UK National Defence Association tried to get Dave macaroon to commit to a statement about where they stand on Defence funding but this letter is all he came back with:

    David Cameron's reply dated 8 Feb 07
  12. At least they tried, Liam Fox works with both hands tied behind his back. Cameron is just as out of touch as the Stalinists in power. Don't expect anything much from him.
  13. now that the cuntry is weakened by these folk, who do they expect to defend them when the reds (or blues) come over the hill to invade. is that because there is no enemy these days??
  14. That must be tricky. I presume he has some sort of device to help him use a keyboard? :wink:
  15. You don't remember the Airwork Fiasco, the quarters being flogged to a Japanese Bank, running down the fleet before the Falklands, Front Line First, New Management Strategy, contractorisation, and Options for Change then?

    They are just as bad as this lot of incompetents. Their recent silence proves it.

    However, at least we had a full time Defence Secretary under that shower (and a decent pay rise).