Defence Select Committee - MOD Annual Report and Accounts

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Iolis, Dec 20, 2006.

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  1. The Select Committee on Defence has published it's second report here:

    I read it only because my own useless, overpaid, sorry excuse for an MP is on the committee.

    The MOD refuse to provide information to the committee to allow it to assess the basis upon which the MOD base their assessments.

    Manning is on track - that's because the manning targets keep being reduced!

    Committee visits operational theatre, told by senior commanders, not enough helicopters. Yes there are says MOD. What about civil helicopters ask the Committee? We will keep it 'under review' says MOD - that's code by the way for 'we will do sod-all!

    Committee ask the Permanent Under Secretary what the difference is between 'Stretch' and 'Overstretch' Answer? Such a distinction would 'not be helpful'. They cannot give a definition. The minutes of the question and answers on this one would make Sir Humphrey Apleby from 'Yes Mnister' look like a bumbling amature. It is a masterful example of verbal evasion.

    This and much more between the lines in an exercise of dissembling, evasion and the black arts of deception in this, the MOD's annual report.

    I hope you have as as many laughs reading it as I did.

    Regards and best wishes
  2. I know Iolis mentions the quote in his post, but when you read it in context of the surrounding pages, it's farcical.

    Stretched or Overstretched:

    From page 19,


    We asked the PUS whether he considered UK Armed Forces were overstretched. Mr Jeffrey responded they were “stretched but not overstretched”. He noted that the proportion of Service personnel deployed on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan were at historically high levels but did not regard the situation as unsustainable. When we asked
    what the difference was between Forces being stretched and overstretched, Mr Woolley replied that “making a simple distinction …is unhelpful”.

    Mr Woolley went on to acknowledge, however, that, at the current level of commitments, the UK would not have sufficient resources to engage in a further major deployment.


    So, no "simple distinctions" then Mr Jeffrey, possibly you might like to pass this nugget quote onto Swiss Tony and just about every other cabinet minister who seems only too happy to trot exactly that line out, every time they are put in front of a camera.

    Anyone printing this document out, take care to allow enough time for the whitewash to dry after you have printed it out.
  3. Sorry. Can't be arrsed to read it - much like all the bilge/soundbites/platitudes etc produced by this sorry organisation it's about as much use as an inflatable dartboard.

    And you can stick the Xmas message from Swiss whathisface alongside it too!
  4. I have had a read of parts of the report. It is worth reading, if only because it shows that the MPs on the committee are, in general, asking the right sort of questions. The answers given by the two reptiles (actually they were cnuts, but simple distinctions would not be helpful)from MOD are exemplars of spin and weasel words.

    I shall be interested to know if the military ward at Selly Oak will materialise 'by the end of the year', as the MOD stated.
  5. Scuse me, but if you have no P.I.s, how do you know if you have met the target!!!??

    Wouldn't it be nice, just once, for them to say 'the blokes on the ground are up against it, it is tough, it is dangerous...........but we are doing our level best to support them'

    It being just prior to stand down, and being at a loose end, I read the report in full. It is the usual pile of self aggrandising dog poo churned out by the MoD.
  6. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    VB from your remark can I take it that we are still without military only wards at SO. Info would be useful as I am likely to stick a bunch of holly up Harvey's arrse when he's next in town. Keeps calling himself the shadow defence sec for Lib but appears not to have a clue as to what's going on.
  7. Elovabloke -

    I am not certain, but since I work within the DMS I feel sure we would have heard something if this was up and running.

    So far the only changes of which I am aware are the appointment of SNCO 'liaison officers' to try to ensure that people are not lost to the system when discharged (which should in any case now be unnecessary with SAM), and regular, well-intentioned if somewhat feudal, visits of senior officers wives'.

    Perhaps that's what MOD thinks the solution is - Lady Dannatt distributing soap-on-a-rope around the wards... :roll:
  8. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Cheers - yet another misrepresentation to the House by Swiss Toni & his pals - when is someone going to do something about it. BALLS back to thread - what a waste of money.
  9. You need to read the minutes of evidence where the questions and answers are recorded. Thats the real laugh. I say 'laugh'. it would be funny if it was not so tragically serious and lives are in the hands of people like this.

    Later there is an exchange between the Chairman and Mr Jeffrey on the issue of the shortage of helicopters for Telic.

    Q17 Chairman: "When in Iraq, we heard that the 17 British Helicopters
    there were desparately over-used. Is that not the message you are

    Mr Jeffrey: "we are certainly hearing they are being intensively

    Q18: Chairman: "Is that like the difference between the Armed Forces being 'stretched' but not 'overstretched'?"

    (Italics mine for emphasis)

    Regards and best wishes