Defence Secretary warns of impact on capability.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Golf_one_one, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. By about 20 years
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  2. Captain Obvious strikes again.
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  3. No shit Sherlock!!
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  4. I think he has a damn cheek. He's been party to the cuts throughout and now says:

    "I shall go into the spending review fighting the case for the defence budget on the basis that we have made very large cuts to defence, we've done that with the collaboration and co-operation of the military," he said.
    "Any further reduction in the defence budget would fall on the level of activity that we were able to carry out - the idea that expensively bought equipment may not be able to be used, expensively employed troops may not be able to be exercised and trained as regularly as they need to be. "I am not going into the spending review offering any further reductions in personnel."

    So the military collaborated and co-operated in the cuts did they? A bit hard for the top brass to do anything else but comply with government direction otherwise they could be accused of sedition! He may also go into the spending review not offering any more reductions in personnel but has said he may offer "efficiency savings", a covert term for yet another budget cut for the armed forces if I've ever heard one and the bit about expensive troops I've put in bold and underlined hints quite clearly at an attack on terms and conditions!!

    Duplicitous bstard

  5. He's said it, whether he can actually do it or not is another matter.
  6. Are we preparing for another U turn, I do hope so.

  7. Too little too late by a country mile. I wonder what underlying reason there is for this? I sense some ulterior political motive. Perhaps after the tories poor showing in the Eastleigh election Cameron is about to have his Ceasar in the senate moment, although what adavantage this statement would give Hammond, i confess, i know not.
  8. The spineless turd speaks with forked tongue, methinks? In one breath he says how the Forces can't stand anymore cuts and in the next one he slips in how he could make a few more teeny weeny ones if he has to.

    Anyone remember TCH? Even he wasn't as shite or as untrustworthy as this smart Alec numpty.
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  9. He, like all other members of his party, can't really make unequivocal statements.

    They're in coalition. They require the agreement of their partners to sustain a majority, without a majority all they can do is bluster.

    I think he needs to shush. Even if he is correct.
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    He will be told to Foxtrot Oscar and will meekly go back to MoD and try to look all tough.

    Edit to say - Maybe that has already happened and he is in 'tough' mode!
  11. Dunno what all the fuss is about. If every serving soldier and officer gave just 10% of their wages to protect their future prospects then there would be no need for cuts.
  12. He is after all a politician. Those on welfare will now be at odds with the military, very good for votes in middle England. might get a few Lib votes.
    Back in reality the PR dept has been at work already, so expect austerity and more dues out on kit as the treasury recoups all those UOR spends and well why not cull 1XX units, must be cheaper than relocating them.
  13. It's clear the Tories are going to use UKIP 'Soundbites' and will no doubt try to steal their policies. Fancy alienating your core voters by rabbiting on about Gay Marriage, Wind Farms and handing out tax payers money to rival countries and doing sod all about sponging immigrants and others. I see a Lib/Lab government next and a return to the UK open door policy for all god help us.
  14. Alas I feel things will only get worse until we reform our politicians
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