Defence Secretary outlines ambitious space programme

At the RAF Air and Space Power conference today, Defence Secretary Penny Mordaunt has outlined an ambitious space programme.

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The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) has invested over £1.5m in space facilities at Portsdown West, with the installation of a new satellite ground control station to support future space research activities for the MOD. The terminal will be able to direct satellites in both low-Earth and geosynchronous orbits.
At the risk of a "wah", what's wrong with Oakhanger?

Or is this a case that, having outsourced, we now have to rebuild a capability?
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Bye, bye JFC; all that stationery that will need to be junked.


The Defence Secretary also announced the transformation of Joint Forces Command to Strategic Command to tackle evolving ‘grey zone’ threats.

Following the review of Joint Forces Command as part of the Modernising Defence Programme, Strategic Command will take on a greater role leading integration across the five war-fighting domains: Air, Land, Sea, Cyber and Space.

The new body will oversee the Armed Forces’ digital information network to ensure the services operate at the forefront of the information environment and continue to lead the UK’s Permanent Joint Operating Bases in managing operations and providing critical advice on force development.

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