Defence Secretary Des Browne fighting to keep his job in r

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by barbs, Jul 25, 2008.

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  1. Des Browne 'fighting to keep his job' in reshuffle

    Telegraph online 25 Jul 08:

    He does have an interest, although I have not read the book:

    From John Hutton's Website
  2. Which job? Being a "sweaty" he won't loose the Sec of State for Scot.

  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Fighting to keep his job? The twaaaaat doesn't know the meaning of 'fighting', hence why he should be binned forthwith, or sent to Afghanistan with a rifle to learn what it actually means.
  4. Where he'd no doubt set a new record for the quickest 'fragging'!
  5. Beat me to it; I was about to point out it would be the only "fighting" that cnut has ever done. :evil:
  6. John Hutton is probably the most sensible choice for the Defence job. The other very pertinent fact is that he's the constituency MP for Barrow in Furness, home to BAe Vickers. Whilst clearly a party man, he isn't quite as much of a toady as some and has the benefit of some understanding of the military.

    Best of a bad lot!
  7. he should pack up and f**K off along with cycops
  8. There is no suitable candidate for the soon to be vacant position of Defence Secretary, Hutton will be the same as Browne, he is one of Gordon's yes men. He would not be good for defence as he still wont represent the issues that meet the Defence Estate, and he certainly wont go against the party line in the politburo. He has a future as possible party leader ahead of him!

    And by the way, if theres no more money available to spend (as Alisdair Darling suggests) what good then is a defence secretary? Didnt Des announce at the weekend that Snatch Landrovers will stay in usage in Afghanistan, and that they would simply be re-armoured as opposed to finding more armoured vehucles to do the job. I smell the sticky snot streaked mitts of the former chancellor being used to control the purse strings. Its more important to build Carriers in his constituency, than give our troops the equipment they need in Afghanistan.

    The only likely improvement for us is an entirely fresh government who can take an objective view over all defence matters, and prioritise the spending of money in the correct areas.
  9. Strange one to investigate, how he was riddled with gunshot wounds; all from behind.....?
  10. And amazingly enough, the Taliban appear to have modified their AKs to fire NATO 5.56!
  11. I think "best of a bad lot" describes most people in government.

    You know Hutton's just another lawyer and former polytechnic lecturer, right?
  12. Shouldn´t Des be fighting to keep his seat by now? If the current trend in polls continue, Labour will be lucky to form the opposition!
  13. well i am sure with his bountiful experience of defense he could be fast track, to the sandpit as a GD man, if he is short of money or a job...
  14. Absolutely, the constituency is the one next door to mine and he's always in the press. As I say at least he does actually know and appears to have a liking for the military as an institution, hence best of a bad lot!
  15. Put John Reid back in the slot.

    Oh wait, you can't do that, he's a padbrat, loves his family military history and plainly enjoys being around the boys and girls. He also makes treasury embarrasing statements like "Where's 'ra money fae the Army eh"?

    He'll never do, that's why he lasted all of 10 minutes.

    Maybe TCH would like another shot at it, there's still space for one last nail.