Defence Secretary Announces Review Of UK Naval Bases

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. Defence Secretary Announces Review Of UK Naval Bases.
    I assume this means that Rosyath will close and Plymouth be expanded.
  2. Jon,
    Rosyth's a privately-run civilian site now. This affects infrastructure - and MoD civvie jobs - at Portsmouth and possibly Devonport and Faslane. The last two have had shed-loads of taxpayers' cash spent on them recently, so it doesn't look good for Portsmouth, given the shrinking surface fleet and the need to raise the money to pay for the two new carriers.
  3. I cannot see them closing Pompey dockyard to be honest. Devonport would struggle to host the new carriers if/when we get them.

    Rosyth will probably lose the maintenance contracts with Devonport getting the sub refits and Portsmouth getting the surface fleet refits.

    Faslane will be the homeport of the Strategic deterrent and the new Astute Class so that is safe.

    Rosyth-good riddence....
  4. Yes Pompey is too important and the Scottish mafia will ensure Faslane will never be touched so it looks like Devonport will be getting the good new shortly.
  5. Why do they bother calling it a review?

    All such excercises are simply excuses to provide a bullshite document filled with waffle that allows the latest incompetant incumbant of the MoD to cut further bases/resource/men/equipment.

    They have nothing to do with the requirements of the Services, and everything to do with the Treasury wanting to give more money to Labour voting lesbian-black-disabled-single parents.
  6. Taz,

    You're woefully wrong.

    Devonport is being geared to be the homeport for the RN Amphibous capability and has had millions and millions of pounds invested into it as a refit facility for submarines.

    So what facts do you base your opinion on?

    It's a pain to get to anywhere from Devonport but there is no alternative to Guzz due to the facilities it already has.
  7. I believe that the channel into Guzz is too shallow and tortuous for the new carriers, and as they have just upgraded the jetties at Pompy to take them, it would be a bit odd to shut Pompy.
  8. I was being sarcastic on Rosyth, I know Bruin has his constituancy 'Next Door'.
    One of the guys I take an evening drink with is an ex Pommy Matalo. Submariner and he gets quite annoyed about his old dockyard, bloody Yachting Marina with an Historical Fun Park attached.
    As an ex soldier I have always apriciated just how much we as a nation Need our Navy.
    This is one subject that Party Politics must not be allowed to play silly buggers with.
    However I doubt we will be so lucky.
  9. Im supprised the Navy never leased some berths off ABP and used Southampton Docks. Only recently the Royal Navy had a nuclear sub berthed there.
  10. I can remeber them saying the same about Chatham when they had just built the first nuclear submarine refitting facility there. Still closed.

    Do you really think Des will do that and probably ensure that Gordon loses his seat. There is still a lot of local anger about the fix up that move the submarine work to Devonport

    AH but what if the SNP wins in Scotland in May, the ability to keep the deterent in Faslane may well be diminished.

    I do not think Gordon will see it quite the same way.

    I have just a little suspicion that this review is more about the Elections in Scotland in May next year where there is a good chance that Labour will lose it's tenuous hold on power to the SNP. This review could be both strategic planning in case the deterent has to move, and a bit of carrot and stick for the forthcoming election as well.

    I look forward with some interest to the announcement that the Trident weapon store is to be sited in the Plymouth area.

  11. This is all well and good in that it reviews the Basing against current and forecast capabilities but what about redundant capacity for when we have a government which actually wakes up to the strategic reduction in UK defence capability that has occured over the last 20 years and seeks to recreate some form of it. We will then be in the invidious position of trying to unpick all of these flawed reviews as they have addressed short term issues and not the long term defence needs, that said where is the defence concept for 2025 and beyond - in reality probably awaiting the US to release to us the Army after Next concept or whatever they are going to call their next version of futre military thinking.
  12. These clowns have no intention of restoring Fleet capability beyond the minimum needed for expeditionary warfare. They are probably planning further reductions. They can save money by shutting a Base; whatever the true cost.

    Guz gives direct access to the Atlantic. Pompey has always had plenty of choke points. The Pompey Base Mateys are in a low unemployment area. The Guz Base Mateys are in a high unemployment area. There is plenty of room in Faslane for the carriers.

    Bye Pompey.
  13. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I am willing to take a small wager on Pompey closing as a Naval Base - e.g. the 'RN' bit of it to go - within 5 years. Rosyth, Chatham, and Portland have gone, and frankly we don't have the ships to justify more than Devonport any more.

    Faslane for most of the Subs, and Plymouth for everything else actually makes sense, oddly enough. What it means for the newly combined and relocated CINCFLEET/2SL/CNH is another matter - another move, I presume!
  14. They will close down the naval docks. Then they will say that we cannot have the two new carriers as there are no suitable facilities for them.
  15. I can't comment on any of the bases down south, but for those in jock-land, is Rosyth not the only place where the new aircraft carriers can be built? If so unlikely for it to go (especially as Gordon's constituency is there). As for Faslane, its facilities are unlikely to be replicated anywhere else in the UK so it is likely to remain also.

    The cynical bast@rd in me also looks at the airfield review and wonders just how Leuchars, Kinloss and Lossiemouth all got a reprieve! The jock mafia is not far form the truth!!!

    More interesting is what is going to happen when Labour loose the Scottish Parliament elections next year... Its probable that the only way to keep the SNP out is by a coalition - Labour/Tory/Lib Dem??? So a "nuclear free" Scotland is unlikely.