Defence secretary announces £350m nuclear design spend.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AIR FILTER, Oct 29, 2012.

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  1. It's just like saying ..... Give us your money, we are going to buy some serious New Weapons of mass destruction.

    Link BBC News - Defence secretary announces £350m nuclear design spend

    Strange priority to have in a mega recession don't you think ?

    Even stranger to invest so much into a cost crippling product that will never be used.

    No doubt IRAN will be playing the equality card over this !
  2. I think kit's a cracking idea and very cost effective.
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  3. Have we worn our old ones out yet?
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  4. If we could do the fleet for that, I like the idea and I like subs, wouldn't ever want to serve on one tho "Hail HMS Conquerer"

    But over 25bn, probably well over once MOD starts managing the project seems obscene when troops are being retired and cut backs are hurting operations.

    Do the RAF still have a nuke capability?
  5. It's more a jobs program for the sub builders, it keeps the designers ticking along so that we don't lose too many skills.

    And no, BLiar got rid of the RAFs nukes
  6. Its a £1 billion a year over the life of the programme, peanuts compared to the cost of the conventional forces that would be required without it.
  7. Cheap at twice the price.
  8. What conventional forces would be required if we did not have it? Cannot see any logic in your statement!
  9. In a time of uncertainty throughout the world with rogue states obtaining nuclear weapons and materials I would actually argue it is most certainly a very good idea to ensure we are capable of wielding something that makes others think twice. Does it hurt being as stupid are you are?
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  10. Think about the damage a large nuclear blast causes then try to think of how much equipment would be required to cause the same amount of devastation, short of sending New Labour to govern the country instead of attacking them.
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  11. One SLR with half a magazine of rounds should suffice.
  12. Get out, get out now.
  13. Cruise!!!!! cheaper a hundred times more flexible/deployable and still provides a pin point big bang.

    Trident is the equivalent of sending a four tonner to pick up one man from the train station when you have access to a landrover.
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  14. Which can be shot down, and with the cruise missile option the idea is to keep them stored inland and only to be deployed when they think something might happen. What could possibly go wrong holding your nations deterrent in one place.
  15. Oh God. Not this again.
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