Discussion in 'RLC' started by clarkster, Jul 18, 2004.

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    I have just had the misfortune to attend a course there, what the hell is going on? the MGS parking Nazi on the gate was insisting on being called Ma'am!! She was a little upset when i politely told her to get fucked, and she assured me the RSM would want to see me, well im still waiting?? She was even more upset when i refused to remove my tax disc for inspection (it is stuck on with an anti theft sticker), and told her to get off her arse and come and have a look at it!

    Cpls mess fees??? i refused to pay that one due to being told that i couldnt use it due to a "private function" being held (every night?).

    General attitude of nobody civvies working there, eg central bedding store was irritating to say the least, heres a conversation i had trying to do sheet exchange-

    Me: can i exchange these sheets please
    civvi: WHY!!?
    Me: cos they are dirty?
    civvi: WHY!!?
    me: erm they have been used?
    me: ok you ignorant ******, im clearing now so you will change them or i will leave them as they are so its your call, oh and feel free to report me to the RSM as it will only be the 16th time this ******* week!!
    civvi: dont talk to me like that!
    me: ******* knob (leaves dirty sheets on counter and leaves)

    On the night before leaving some highly intelligent person uses a large ashtray as a battering ram on the fire door in langrune block, no one is allowed to clear before paying ?3.50? Im just wondering at what point did the joiner get called in to do a quote in the hour between the damage being found and me clearing?

    everyone else please feel free to slag off DST
  2. I went through leconfield in 1989 and was almost suicidal at the end of it.

    I spent twelve months in Juniors then a further three months in depot being treated like a turd, onyl to arrive at that swamp to have any amount of drive and ambition stamped out of you by a load of trog tossrags.

    There was a RSDG provo Sgt there (Juzenka)???? he was an upity old cnut too

    The best part about the place was that the driving instructors went on strike and we were sent home on leave for three weeks.....twice :D
  3. I was there 18 months ago and managed to get an illegally parked sticker on my windscreen despite being, as far as i was aware, in a designated parking space, the main problem with this was that the stickers were stuck on the drivers side of the windscreen in the middle, and wouldn't peel off thus obscuring my vision, i complained and was politely told that as i was illegally parked anyway it was all my own fault and would i mind awfully f****ng off, I subsequently moved the car only to have someone crash into it whilst parked :evil:
  4. On the car parking sticker, report it to the civvi police as a criminal damage to your car, then watch the RSM provo etc squirm as its investigated!!
  5. just finished a c and c+e course up there what a dump !!! mind you whaen you see what the crows are like nowadays, you can see why the nco's were such *********.......
  6. Well said and I add my voice to your comments.

    Hopefully someone in authority will read this and get a grip of the civ staff up there, especially the stroppy, unhelpful, obstructive and downright obnoxious Main Gate Staff.

    They should realise that if it were not for the MOD employing them, they'd be down Sainsburys stacking shelves of burning burgers in McDonalds! They are there to serve, not be served!!! - W*nk*rs!!!
  7. Not been there for a few years - my one and (hopefully) only stay there. Good to see nothing's changed!
  8. same here

    the rp's in the guard room what a lovely bunch of polite soliders not !!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Going there in about 12 weeks sounds like such a nice place :(
  10. Take plenty of patience and tolerance of Main Gate Nazi d*ckheads who are too stupid to realise that if the MOD had not employed them as barrier techs then they'd be shelf stackers along with the rest of the thicko pondlife!!
  11. When i was at Leconfield (many many years ago when dinosaurs roamed etc) one lad on course was accused of being a drug dealer for having taken Pro Plus, and given them to another lad to avoid falling asleep during those ever so interesting lectures. (Which reminds me what happen to Len 'Jim Bowen' Isles?)

    The best time had to be the 'Bomb threat' .
    We were all dragged, kicking and screaming from the bar as there was allegedly a recognised PIRA/greenpeace/WRVS code used in a call to the guardroom. the guard commander insisted that we all parade on the square, you know the one with all the parked cars and wheely bins on it, all those potential bomb hiding places.

    I got such a repremand for telling GD comd to politely fornicate with himself with a wide variety of farm machinery as we were all going to the nice open, and hopefully bomb free field.

    Everyone followed us though. happy days
  12. never had the pleasure of doing a course there, came close once - comment from my boss at the time " I'm saving the army the cash of paying your travel claim over from Germany, for you to be there 1 day, spark out some sprog lance-jack or tw@t of a civvie who gobs off at you and you get RTU'd, and then her majesty has to pay your claim back!!! I'll sort you out a driving assessment locally!!"
    Obviously the place and it's staff are highly regarded through-out the armed forces.

    On a personal note, I once went to the NAAFI there, whilst on exercise in the local area to get a few beers, only to be told (despite being an aged full-screw) that I couldn't have any 'cos I wasn't perminent staff. At which point I returned to my vehicle and spoke to my boss, a stripey, who tried himself and loh and behold!! He got told to F**k off by the beer nazis as well!!!
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  13. I can remember assisting with the move to Leconfield from Bordon and it was the worst move they made.Happy fond memories of Bordon and their great staff enjoyed every course I did there.
  14. I remember bringing a 4-tonner over from Ireland with Leconfields first Master Driver's (Colin Tabner) MFO on it. The crabs were still running the place and wouldn't let me fill up because they didn't believe my civilianised Bedofrd CL was a military vehicle.
  15. Glad to hear the place hasn't changed! Went there from Chatham a few years ago to do my C + E. Was asked why I'd brought my car with me as I'd come from a training regt by the stripey at the reception centre. I told the guy that I was posted there and despite a long arguement he told me that I couldn't have my car there whilst on course but I could bring it up for the last week so I could move my stuff out. Come the end of my course asked if I could bring my car up and was told no. It didn't matter as I had my car in the village anyway. When I went to clear they asked how I was getting back to Chatham and I told them I was driving they (the stripey and SSM) got a bit excited and asked why I had parked my car in the village when it was against standing orders. I replied that as you wouldn't let me bring my car on camp like you said you would I had no other option. Was allowed to go after lots of "your lucky your not being charged" etc. Fecking knobs. Is it still the case that you aren't supposed to park in the village or has somebody pointed out to the people who run the place that provided your car is taxed etc you can park where ever you want so long as it is legal?