Defence road safety officers course

Discussion in 'RLC' started by donkeywallop, Nov 4, 2006.

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  1. Chaps, off to Leconfield next week on the above course, does anyone know what it entails and what i'm to expect.
  2. I'd imagine, and I don't know why I'm thinking this-maybe it's a 6th sense, that it involves vehicles.....
  3. errrrrrrrrr, leconfield, vehicles. Your sixth sense is working. Just after course details and what it entails
  4. I assume you mean Defence Road Safety Advisors course?
    Its just a week of FMT 3's, RTA action and investigation, Road safety campaigns etc...............Nothing to get worked up about
  5. Have you bulled your boots and are you ready for Guard Commander :)

  6. I gotta ask. Why you going on a course which you have obviously no idea about?
    To go on that course you should already be up to speed on MT matters, therefore already be clued up on such things as you are going to come back as the focal point.
    Bit like asking if youo take your webbing to Brecon!

    Maybe this is a whah!
  7. I'm all clued up on FMT's and safety procedures. I only wanted some info on what else i might need to know. Bottlosmoke, thanks for the info