Defence Review ?What was in it for the AMS

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by bodyarmour, Jul 21, 2004.

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  1. Serious question was there any earth shattering News for the AMS in todays review?

    The last time redundancies were announced(DCS 15) we have ended up carrying the can ever since-and covering for the shortfalls in RAF Personnel,will it get worse again !! :(
  2. I can't see how we can get any worse really, apart from if the RAF Med Tech trades get the chop :?: If they do, then quite a few of the AMS tech trades (me included) will not be spending too much time in the UK.

    Much of yesterdays speach was about broad terms, the main meat will be coming out soon. Watch out, the way these 2 fickwits think, we'll be part of the USAMS soon :roll:
  3. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I concur with DL, the AMS is pretty much on its chinstrap, Blair and Hoon have had their pound of flesh and you only kick a dead body so much!

    But still waiting, you never know they might suprise us. :lol:
  4. How are we going to cope?
    The last time we invested in High Tech Stuff in ended in tears= Euro fighter over time and out of date :oops: SA80 still crap after investment :oops: Army supply IT system out of date and shelved 8O new carriers made shorter to save money 8O Bowman out of date and still over due 8O .
    Can they not see a patern here or are they so full of sh*t that they can not see it.
    What we need is boots on the ground to sort things out face to face. The last thing we need is a new saterlight to tell us we are in the sh*t on the ground. You can not run operations from the TV screen. With the world changing this fast they have still not learned a thing. They have confirmed my fears that they are totaly out of touch with the puplic and the forces. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    And not so much as a wimper from the top knobs 8O 8O
  5. One of the results of the cuts in other Arms is that the AMS gets an add back of personnel. I foresee increases in manpower in CS Med Regts, reroling of a GS Med Regt and the creation of new TA GS Med Regts; the result of some tidying up of the AMS TA.

    A way to go yet but I think the AMS will come out of the latest review as a net gainer. Confirmation in October (ish)?
  6. neanderthal do you always wear roae tinted specks? TA increases maybe after all the TA coped whilst building sandcastles - allegedly....
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    D'ya reckon?
  8. From What i heard, like everything else most of the sandcastles were built for them ! !
  9. No I don't wear rose tinted spectacles, but sorry I wasn't specific enough:

    There will be a net increase in Regular manpower with most of the addback going to CS Med Regts (the IT has convinced the Gen Staff that the pairing mechanism doesn't work and these units need to be de-cadrerised and manned to a much higher percentage of their PE).

    There will not be an increase in AMS TA manpower - the new TA Med Regts will be created by amalgamating the remaining Fd Ambs (V) with some other untidy bits of the AMS and RLC TA.

    Your CO should have received a letter from CGS explaining the rationale to the restructuring. Your CO is under remit to brief the letter's detail to you. I accept that there is very little detail with regard to the AMS (a single sentence - but that does state increase rather than decrease). There is more work to be done and the changes have yet to be ratified but I believe (and hope) that the IT will shortly promulgate the confirmed future AMS structure.
  10. Thanks for clarifying the one sentence that referred to the AMS Neanderthal..... I had tried to convert it into plain English but failed! :lol:

    I do hope you're right.

  11. I would like to know how they are going to find this increase in manpower......... :? After all its difficult enough keeping hold of the individuals we have managed to con into the Corps anyway.....or were we not talking about RAMC as well. We can all for me and you'll get a payrise..there I said it...I could even write it on paper for you.........but when it comes to putting it into practice :roll:
  12. Of course you are right. The trick will be turning increased liability into increased manning.

    Answers on how we might achieve this, on a postcard to...
  13. See thread about CMT's ...and professional quals thats a start :wink:
  14. As I undertand it, the AMS are getting 400 more people under FAS. The Log Bde's will get the Regular GSMR's (except 104 Log X), with a TA Fd Amb (V) taking on the GS role for the UK Div.

    I think (my guess) is the these 400 extra bodies will be drawn from the pool of blokes from these Inf Bn's that are being chopped (RMA's) and the rest made up from new recruits.

    Either that, or 400 blow up sex dolls are being pressed into service..... :D
  15. I think you are right but the GS role for Div Tps will go to 2 new TA GS Med Regts each formed from an existing Fd Amb (V) and an existing Sqn from a RLC Regt (V).

    Isn't HQ 104 Log Bde going to be the spine onto which HQ JFLogC is going to be built, thereby allowing 101 & 102 to focus on the LofC and delivering 3rd line sp within the Land environment?