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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by alfred_the_great, Jun 27, 2011.

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  1. Do you really think the existing crop will be slimmed down/compulsory redundancy? More likely they'll hang around until retirement but there will be less posts for promotion in future. Is it a good thing that actual serving members won't be on the snivelling serpents committees at MOD? Personally I don't believe so!

    Also here
  2. Is this just about reducing the level of dissenting views that upset the career politicians?
  3. It gets terribly depressing in meetings when those stroppy chaps in uniforms just won't play the civil servile game, the game being kiss and blow smoke up my arse and say yes to all my fantasies and barn pot ideas......I know lets just do without them, what do they know about defence and the practicalities of war anyway..........?
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  4. Every RN 2* and Army/RAF 1* and above are employed on a job by job basis. If that job is cut, or they come to the end of their tenure without being given a new job then they are "retired". There is no redundancy process per-se, however they are given a gratuity and immediate pension.
  5. Some progress..
  6. All very well to criticise HM Forces for having too many in star ranks - more Admirals than ships etc - but bear in mind that a fair number are seconded to international organisations - NATO for example which has it own hierarchy and where equivalence in rank is politically and operationally important. No good sending a Brigadier if everyone else sends x star Generals.
  7. Well I never knew that.
  8. Yes, but don't you know that people are dying in Afg because we have too many star ranks? Indeed, every man not on the front line is a man wasted, including the General himself. Of course the subtlety of having appropriate representation in a multi-national context eludes many on the outrage bus.
  9. Really? I thought it was common knowledge. The reason Cdres aren't in the mix is because until about 10 years ago, Cdre was a position not a rank, hence their terms and conditions are still based on Capt RN. There are moves to get them "in-line" with the rest of defence, however there are already cases of Capt RN refusing promotion because they are putting at risk 10+ years of future employment.
  10. Read this on the MoD site, one of the recommendations laid out in the report:

    "a greater focus on affordability, with enhanced budgetary discipline and a cost-conscious mentality at every level of the Ministry of Defence "

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, signals the end.
  11. :)

    ten characters
  12. Tories eh? Showing again just how much they are the 'real' forces friends.....

    Bit like the Sun!
  13. Why does that signal the end?

    The waste at every level in the Mod is scandalous, from units that don't dispose of materiel correctly; or recycle expensive reusable packaging; or print reams of crap, consuming acres of forest, that piles up on the printer until somebody bothers to put it all in the bin; or wreck the barracks after a night on the pop - to organisations that hold innumerable pointless meetings, with no agenda, and that merely turn into a talking-shop followed or preceded by extravagant travel and accommodation expenditure; or those that employ civilians or military with no real role, and whose sole purpose is to maintain the illusion of a power base and importance for their head shed; of those legions of committees, stuffed with the self-obsessive and self-important who believe that an elongated and expensive process trumps a cheap but effective outcome.

    The list is endless. There's nothing in any of the key recommendations that does not make sense or that any remotely sane individual would not wish to implement.
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