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We are dropping in on the Just TA board to say that DOT is highlighting the Defence Reform Bill over on the House of Commons Board - House of Commons.

The Defence Reform Bill establishes the arrangements for reforming Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) and turning it into a Government-Owned, Contractor-Operated (GOCO) organisation. It also creates a statutory framework for the governance of the Ministry of Defence’s single source contacts.

The Bill also includes several amendments to the regulations governing the Reserve Forces.

The Public Bill Committee examining the Bill is looking for evidence addressing the issues in the Bill where you have a special interest or expertise, and factual information of which you would like the Committee to be aware.

DOT would like to ask any members of ARRSE to discuss these issues. Volunteers from ARRSE have come forward to collate your views to submit a paper on behalf of members.

So do please drop in and have your say on the House of Commons board.
Many thanks

Given the sometimes uneven successes of rebranding/renaming (consignia any one?), I'd suggest leaving or suspending the name change until all the other work is done.

That way if the really catchy Army Reserves brand doesn't draw the numbers as it is supposed to, one can always dust off the old TA title (and history attached to it) without all sorts of embarrassing parliamentary time/debate etc.

Have seen this happen with a few regimental amalgamations, where the bland product post merger suddenly gets all sorts of mixed regimental history and accoutrements rapidly re-instated.
Perfectly serious response:

Is that ******* it?

3 clauses at the bottom of a tedious bill about defence contractors is the result of 3 years' consultation and the enormous effort of the FR20 commission, Green and White papers and all the supporting work. Only one clause of which has any benefit to the reservist, and that very limited.

Did you all ignore the Green Paper responses or the repeated message that RFA 96 doesn't offer enough protection to the reservist?

Cheers. I think this will definitely solve the TA, sorry AR, manning problems.

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