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After trying to make some sense of procurement contracts (Type 45, FRES etc.) I thought that it would be so much simpler if there was just a basic formula for calculating these things. As I have no experience of this whatsoever, coupled with no knowledge, wisdom, or training, I thought I'd be perfect for the job.

This is Travis' Defence Procurement Formula version 1.
Simply put, take the number of OLD UNITS (ships, vehicles etc) you currently use,
deduct the useful headings,
and what's left is the number of NEW UNITS you are actually going to be given.

Comments? Revisions?

MODs – if this is in the wrong forum feel free to move it to somewhere less sensible.



Efficiency Gain (EG)
The unit is far more efficient than its predecessor so you will need far less of them

Super Efficiency Gain (SEG)
If the thing which is on the drawing board eventually is incorporated into the future tranches it will be even more efficient so you will need even less of them

Foresight Allowance (FA)
The longer in advance you realised you needed the units, the more they will cost when the order is finally signed, as the price of steel etc. has tripled in the meantime. Due to this less units will actually be available although the costs will have rocketed. What do you mean you should have ordered them 5 years ago when they would only have cost £x?

Tranche Bonus (TB)
By the time the first unit is ready for action, needs have changed so tranches 2 and 3 can be postponed / cancelled / sold to the Saudi Arabians.

Memoir Reduction (MR)
The only way you will get the units promised is if your superior officers threaten to resign in protest. After considering their pension provision, it turns out that it is far better for all concerned for them to agree the cuts now, and save their protests until the publication of their memoirs.

Entente (E)
It turns out we are far better friends with our allies & neighbours than we thought. Due to this new entente cordiale we are able to better share (ie cut) resources so fewer units are now required.

Marginal Costs (MC)
It turns out you need even less units as they aren't to built in a government marginal constituency

Capability Advancement CA)
The widgets which make up your units may not actually be capable enough after all, and the entire programme may need to be advanced in delivery time (ie postponed / cancelled). In order to calculate Capability Advancement read the economy page of any broadsheet newspaper, and discover to what extent the Chancellor has cocked up the economy. Large Financial Black Hole = several years Capability Advancement.

Thus Old Destroyers – EG – SEG -FA -TB -MR -E -MC = New Destroyers (6)
Thus Old vehicles (– EG – SEG -FA -TB -MR -E -MC ) x CA = New FRES (1)

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