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Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by plant_life, Jun 19, 2012.

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  1. All,

    I saw a link on the defence intranet today highlighting centrally funded MBAs and MSc in defence and project management. This sounds like something I could be interested in, particularly as I've recently graduated and am missing studying (strangely enough). The course is aimmed at middle ranking officers ideally (which I am not) but do work in a project management environment so am hoping that I would be considered.

    Does anybody on here have any experience on any of these courses and be able to detail course structure, content, etc?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

  2. msr

    msr LE

    I thought they had all been canned. what is the date on the page?
  3. It was a link posted today so I think it's still current but will check tomorrow when I get into work. Have you done one of these courses then?
  4. Are you on about the courses at Cranfield?
  5. Yes, that's right.
  6. My old dear works at Cranfield. What exactly would you like to know? Have you considered calling them?
  7. Was wondering about the course content, syllabus, whether I'd be accepted and assessment methods.
  8. For which course? They do hundreds.
  9. The MSc in programme and project management.
  10. I'll find out what I can for you.
  11. Thanks a lot, if you need any back ground on education etc PM me.
  12. Will do.
  13. I've just had this from my old dear (she's just back from hols)

    "I don’t look after the MSc programmes but this is the email that we send to enquirers. Advise your friend/colleague to contact us direct. If he is still serving we will be at an event in Shrivenham on 1 August. Ravkiran Raj looks after enquiries here at Cranfield and her email is

    Thank you for your interest in the Cranfield Executive (part time) Masters in Programme and Project Management.

    This unique course is designed to be academically rigorous yet vocationally relevant. It brings together business managers, civil servants and serving military officers in a diverse environment that challenges paradigms to maximise your understanding and originate new solutions to previously unsolved problems.
    Please note this course is only available on a part time basis, with a duration of 3 years and beginning in January each year. We do not offer distance/on-line learning or any exemptions and therefore you would be required to attend our Shrivenham (Swindon) campus to complete each and every residential module. The course is taught by way of 2 x 3-day residential modules.
    Typically students will have a significant amount of related work experience and will continue to work full time whilst completing the course.
    Please use the link below to access further details regarding the course
    The Cranfield MSc - Programme and Project Management

    Industry Applications - We are always happy to review your details for the course, giving you feedback before you make a formal application and subsequently advise regarding your eligibility.
    Simply complete our Informal Assessment, giving us brief details of your qualifications and experience and our Admissions Team will contact you directly.

    A good way to get a feel for the course is to have a conversation with the Course Director. We are happy to arrange a time that suits you to discuss your individual and/or organisational needs."
  14. You do know that Plant Life is ginger, don't you?