Defence Pay Scam!

Defence personnel are alleged to have stolen millions of pounds by paying expenses and wages to hundreds of "ghost soldiers", it has emerged. The Ministry of Defence is investigating the scam in which at least £2.5 million was reportedly siphoned off.

The Mail on Sunday said the probe centred on the army's Adjutant General's Office in Britain which handles pay and expenses for tens of thousands of personnel.

It reported that the scam has been going on for several years and was uncovered in January after relatively low-paid soldiers were found to be spending huge sums on fast cars, lavish holidays and expensive homes.

British servicemen and women in the UK and others stationed in Brunei were said to be involved.

The alleged fraud was believed to involve payments to at least 650 imaginary troops, enough to form an entire regiment.
Who can you trust these days?

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I don't know, some unlucky sod??

How'd they got away with it this long, I do not know???

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