Defence of the Realm: Trident Countdown

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by mac1, May 28, 2012.

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  1. Been going through a History Channel/military documentary phase on Youtube; came across this - dating from 1996 so probably many haven't seen it, and probably out of date with current procedures. The narrator keeps asking questions asked on here every time the nuclear deterrent thread comes up.

    Defence of the Realm: Trident Countdown (1996) - YouTube

    Also thought this might be of interest from the Russian side about a Typhoon class submarine; interesting their nuclear deterrent has a Banya (Russian sauna) for them to enjoy when at rest...

    Mission Invisible - The Typhoon Submarine - YouTube
  2. The Typhoons allegedly had a small swimming pool too. That was just being silly though. Should have spent the Roubles on reactor design instead. Open top: Great for cars. Crap for nuclear reactors.
  3. Was the water in the pool a sort of bright blue, Cherenkov radiation-y sort of colour?
  4. I saw this on YouTube the other day.

    Another BBC programme I would really like to see again was one called The Moscow Criterion - The Secret History of Britain's Nuclear Weapons. It was presented by Mark Urban, and covered the development of the deterrent from the post war decision to build our own, the 50s weapon tests, the V Force, the cancellation of Skybolt and procurement of Polaris, tactical weapons, WE177, Chevaline, Trident...
  5. Yeah, the plunge pool in between sauna sessions - it's on the video about half way through - or did you mean something actually a bit bigger that you can swim across? I think there's space for it because the submarine has to be huge as the Russian SLBMs are much bigger because the technology isn't as good. Have their been issues with the Typhoon reactors then?