Defence Money Saving Tip - Bring back the PSA

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Gracchus, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. I am wondering how much money is p$ssed up the wall across the MOD, paying infrastructure maintenance contractors silly amounts for work undertaken, often for shockingly poor quality work. Cue jokes about how much it costs to change a fuse or change a light bulb!

    Of course, we don't currently employ the people involved, nor provide for their pensions, but we do pay through the nose for absolutely everything. That must add up across the board. In the meantime, the estate crumbles, because there is little or no preventive maintenance (witness trees growing out of gutters etc).

    My suggestion to ministers is to bring back the PSA, in one form or another. Yes, the staff bill would go up, but everything else ought to be far cheaper. Also, all those sensible little jobs that nobody can afford under the contracted system can be be done.

  2. I could mention the £259 I was asked to pay for a £25 door bell but had better keep stum as big brother is watching PFIs the biggest rip off ever when you complain you are told to wind your neck in and not to rock the boat as they do us " favours" dohhh do you not think that the cost of the "favours" is built in to other cost's.
  3. Too bloody true! It's a big game of stonewalling here. The less they spend, the more they keep, and when you do get the buggers to turn out and do something, it takes a week to do a days work, another two week wait to get them to finish it off and they charge MOD at least twice what it would cost to ring up a local builder to come in and do the job direct.
  4. Ahhh the £90.00 bag of cement analogy. We wanted to do some minor repairs at the old TAC , involving a bag of dust, and one of our troops who was a bit handy around patios, only to be told we had to use a contractor and buy cement from them. total cost us doing it about 30 squids. Total cost of contractor doing it, something like £400.

    And they wonder where the black holes appear from.

    Anymore stories of gouging? Put them up here, someone might take some notice...
  5. Don't even get me started on Lyrico! :x

    Can anyone explain who it can be cheaper if I run short of paper for me to jump in my car, drive across town to Staples, buy a box of printer paper, come back, put in a petty cash & mileage chit and it's still cheaper than buying it through the system? And toner cartidges? Used to be able to buy them direct, cost £110 and free overnight delivery… got to use Lyrico now, they are over £200 a pop and it can take weeks for them to turn up.
  6. ah the world of goverment contracting well guys the PSA were not as good, they operated a system where a £12 bog seat would end up costing you more why you ask simple you reguest the seat, the psa then request the seat from a supplier after they have put on a 25% materials markup, this was a standard mark up which all goverment contracts had, so once they get the seat they then arrnage for it to be fitted they sub it out with another mark up for management of the sub contractor of 10% more offten than not all psa work was sub contracted out. and followed this procedure.
  7. Private West F. ? :twisted:

    Seriously though, just let whoever is responsible for the day to day running of the particular building organise repairs and maintenance. It will be cheaper and quicker to organise a local tradesman to do the repair.
    There are all those Sappers who have construction trades, use them, let them practice, then all you have is your material costs.
  8. The PSA were the most incompetent shower of crap in history, I was a contractor for them for the best part of 20 years mainly on runway construction and reserfacing and it was very funny watching them F*** up just about every contract we did. The screw ups at RAF Alconbury were of biblical proportions

  9. You think the current lot are any better? My office block looks like a shithole after the DII muppets rewired it. Bone divs ran all the wires in surface conduit, punching holes through all the partition walls… and even then they had to rip most of it out and start again when they kept putting the trunking in the wrong place or the holes in the partition walls didn't line up. Outside my door is a warning sign, rather than move the sign, they ran the trunking up to the sign, turned 90, went up the wall, turned 90 across the wall, turned 90 back down and a further 90 and carried on… how big was this sign? A4 sized and stuck on with blue tac… :x

    Nothing wrong with that, except all the ceilings are suspended ones with cable trays already in place above them and it never occurred to the thickies to run the cables through the ceilings. Two weeks and tens of thousands spent on a job that could have been done in a a couple of days for peanuts.
  10. I remember a visit from an Admiral who had just returned from a trip to Russia. when he was asked what the Soviet Union was like he paused, thought and then said "It must be like living in a country that is run entirely by the PSA."
  11. The clerk of jerks at Alconbury failed to tell me that the Septics were going to lock down the base as they were flying in Cruise Missiles, so about 2000 tons of Asphalt was not allowed to come on the base, and in the days before the mobile phone, this was to cold to be used on another site, so it was dumped at a cost of about £50 a ton plus transport and the days pay for my gang. This happened quit often but the cracker was when they failed to inform the Yanks that we had closed a taxiway, we rammed a Lockheed TR!/U2R Spy plane with a tractor causing £19,000,000 of damage, it was a classic
  12. Lol, sounds like the MOD have not changed. They really need to sort this Sh1t out and fast!
  13. A better option would be to have a US-style Corps of Engineers. Not only could they take care of the defence estate, but they'd keep their hand in with gubmint infrastructure projects. That way, the management and budget control would be in-house, the Army would be significantly in the public eye in times of peace, the Army benefits from a huge pool of manpower and equipment reserves, and you'd have one heck of a deliverable "reconstruction" capability instead of the dismal feck-ups of Iraq and...
  14. Whenever we worked for the USAF we had CofE people with us, and they were a good bunch who were just as f***ed up as we were by the unbelievable antics of the PSA plonckers
  15. Ah, but in the New World Order where I am in charge alongside Jeremy Clarkson, this will be impossible. The New PSA would not be able to add any markup. All work will be at cost. Feedback on performance and quality of service will be encouraged from the end customer, with suitable penalties placed on Chief Executives etc (eg pillory) if each job does not fully meet the expectations of the end user. Furthermore, a Governance Panel of Royal Engineers should top it off nicely.

    A bit severe, possibly, but there has got to be a way of maintaining our estate properly, without being ripped off. Bringing the whole lot back in-house may be the way to go; however someone has to look at the way these maintenance contracts are written and what we get back in terms of service. As Jeremy Clarkson often says - how hard can it be?