Defence ministry agrees to Iraq deaths inquiry..............

OJ. There is plenty of information right here to fill out your apparent lack of knowledge as to what this is all about. If you go into the MSM there is even more. The complaints concern after action treatment so combat situation does not run. "Frightened to engage the enemy" is a gross insult to the level of performance of our troops. Your rabble rousing effort will draw ill-reasoned comment (yes - even maybe like this) that does nothing for the morale of the troops.
The other point to note here, is that the MoD are pushing a line that the Human Rights Act applies to Iraqis on Iraqi soil, including Iraqis "tortured" by British troops, but somehow, unbelievably, does not apply to either the British troops doing the alleged torturing, or other British troops on Iraqi soil.

A complete and utter nonsense.

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