Defence Medical Services get NO pay rise!

Saw this on the Professionally Qualified forum - but think it needs wider distribution...

This excuse for a Government has decided that Military Doctors, Nurses and Medics should not get a payrise, to bring their pay in line with similar workers in the NHS!


This brave Government we had released this story on the same day that they announced the Election - hoping to bury it.

Whilst the NHS do sterling work - it cannot be compared to the heroic efforts being put in by the DMS doctors, nurses and medics, some of whom put their lives at risk to save, treat and care for the wounded.

Even those who treat the casualties further back are dealing with numerous seriously injured casualties, almost on a constant basis, to the point of exhaustion.

How can this Government deny them a meagre 2% pay rise?
:pissedoff: :pissedoff:
Our understanding is that this affects consultants, medical practitioners and dentists in the DMS but NOT nurses or (non-doctor) medics.
Terrible. At a time when our medical services are used more than ever, this is disgusting.
No it's not, it is simply economics. Step away from the emotions, none of them will starve.
Okay, a doctor working at a practise earns a lot of money, most Mil doctures also work at or own private practises earning loads of money... Those who deploy on Ops are well compensated by the MOD for deploying and tend to do only 3 months because it costs too much to keep them on operations....

Medics in RAP's and Nurses deserve it... Get off your high horse as the CMT/QA will get it like the rest of the Army, but doctors.... What you don't earn enough????? :x

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