Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr Happy, Feb 7, 2008.

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  1. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Having seen the last Tory manifesto, and particularly the defence part (barely 3 pages) I have the following suggestions, I will write to the Tory think tank concerned fairly soon

    Now I know some of this is in the works, some probably exists and some is impossible.

    So what should I chuck, what would you add, what can I take change to make it better?
  2. I would trim out 2 and 3 Mr Happy if you want them to actually read further, the Tories are NOT going to pick a fight with the RN & RAF PR machines, unless you actually work for New Liebour.....

    Gassing all of the weasels in the MoD & CoC is enough to be keeping everyone busy for a few years
  3. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Like I said, some are impossible. Those two items are my personal agenda for when I make CDS. I popped them it because its important to make notes - I read that somewhere, but I can't remember where as I didn't write it down...

    Where's my Sherry?
  4. Greater and dedicated CAS capability within the RAF, along the lines of the A10, to provide immediate and heavy hitting air support to the lads.
  5. Root and branch review of procurement and introduction of a "project unworkable - project cancelled" mentality.
  6. The entire Defence budget should be placed outside of the usual HMG financial cycle, changing the accounting time frame on all Defence budgets to something much more realistic, perhaps 5 year terms helping prevent short termist pressures.

    Creating a basic level of indigenous small arms and ammo companies manufacturing under license etc. indirectly protected by say 30 year supply contracts and based in tax free development areas. If rubbish like Westlands can be protected why not basics like machine guns, rifles and ammo?

    And maybe doing something far sighted like commissioning say 50 type 45 Destroyer Hulls (minus all innards as they are always out of date), having them wrapped in plastic or whatever and stashed for a major future emergency when the latest whatever can be installed – just think of the Politically beneficial ship yard and engineering votes!

    The greatest free market economy in the World – the US does not allow economic ideology to undermine it is Defence manufacturing capacity, nor does anybody else, why should we – just how many times have the Belgium’s refused to sell us ammo? Who else are we going to end up signing a 'just in time' contract with, Iran?
  7. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    been a RAF Staff Requirement since about 1995.....FOAS?.....COBAS?....anyway, BAeS ( groan ) have been pushing their vapour-ware solution to this which naturally meets ALL MoD's possible present and future needs ( a bit like A400M .....HUH!! ) since I left Stuart House many moons ago.

    Ask about in P-Prune.
  8. I have to ask why? The RAF and RN do totally different jobs, which need diferent train sets with different functions. Some of the work that the RAF and RN aren't involved in right now, may be needed in the future, such as UK Air Defense, or Martime strike, or long range martime patrolling.

    As an aside the Canucks tried a single One service fits all cap a few years back. They gave up because it didn't work.
  9. look at the whole project management procument shambles
    learn the lessons bin the incompetant
    ammo shooty things made in uk
    everything else open competition
    westlands to be burned to the ground
  10. Having just watched 'future weapons' on Sky Discovery (yeah I know how sad!!!! :oops: ) I thought this might be quite a good buy

    Its the new swedish artillery system, fully automated, crew of 3, drive up and 'in action' in 30 secs.... :wink:
  11. State owned munitions production.
    Defence planning to look further than a week on Tuesday, that means ships for the Navy and aircraft for the RAF.
    Fully stocked armouries, with spare weapons and ammunition of all types, stop closing CAD's and actually keep them stocked.
  12. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Ahh belt fed arty - we like!
  13. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    We should chat elsewhere really but I quite like the merger of the two because they both use heli and fast jet. They both ferry troops. These days both their roles is defence of the UK and patroling or moving troops about and lastly their roles are for ground support in AFG and IRAQ. Whilst I know they do it with different kit, at a higher level, the two operate at such a level that it just makes sense (to me) to push them together so we get a (even better) combined arms thing..

    Lastly, the RAF won't complain because they get a much better mess kit and likewise the RN matelots will get rid of those embarrasing bell bottom things.. In a perfect world.
  14. You're thinking too small scale... forget merging the RAF and RN - we're all going to be assimilated into the EU Defence Agency in time :roll:

    it'll be purple jumpsuits for the lot of us....
  15. My comeback is the RAF's main task is to get airframes into the sky, regardless of the purpose of that airframe. Everything in the RAF is devolved to get that handlebar moustached "God of the Air" into the air from a nice clean base that's still there when he comes back. Whihc is one of the reasons why I like the RAF, only the Officers go into harm's way...The RN's main task is to get boat shaped ship things into the water regardless of the role that floaty thing is going to do. Flying things is a relatively speaking minor role for the RN.

    Combining the two would have interesting effects on the two services......