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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. It appears a small fish has failed to read the script. They've delivered on time, it works, on budget, not milking the MOD and its already out performing equivalent civilian systems (the gap can only increase :wink: ).

    So what does this growing fish need to do to fix these problems?, it wants to play with the big boys (on major government contracts), so it should start acting like them.

    Firstly, stop employing ex-Reg and TA RSigs, 'consortia's' need to bite at each other and not have other 'organisations' helping the interface.
  2. Say again less Crypto!
  3. Lazyt Cnuts? where do I get a job????
  4. Shit..... I've been assimilated
  5. It's wierd, polar. It's as if we've all come in halfway through a conversation. Can you name the small fish or the project?
  6. Ha, just a little worried about the number ARRSE references in the project :!:

    Its DMICP (link - does not work with firefox), I believe its one of the biggies this year. The NHS project is NPfIT which is frequently in the press for the wrong reasons (although GP3_Bunny will probably say otherwise). Some of the aims of NPfIT was putting medical records on a central database or the 'spine', the DMS will achieve that aim very shortly although they started several years after the NHS.

    Another aim was the exchange of medical records between systems, the NHS has just started doing this although it appears this was down to GP suppliers not the NHS. The DMS could do this several years ago.

    Ironically it appears the DMS will be fully connected to the NHS(/BT) 'spine' before the majority of the NHS systems.
  7. agreed say again with the right crypto dude
  8. Good news Polar, but in your original post you wrote that it was a small fish - Is LogicaCMG really a small fish? They've always appeared rather large to me!
  9. being part of atlas I'd say they were more of a sperm whale

    (or is that a wrac)
  10. Polar is quite right it is going well for the MoD and also soon we all will be able to access our Health Records online - for a look follow link:

    You will have to register - you can use your ARRSE name if you like

    Viewing your Summary Care Record using HealthSpace

    HealthSpace will soon have an additional feature. It will allow people living in 'Early Adopter' areas for the NHS Care Records Service to view a summary of their health information, called their Summary Care Record.

    Anyone who is living in an Early Adopter area will receive more information about this.

    If you do not live in an Early Adopter area you will still be able to use all the other HealthSpace features as before, but you will not yet be able to view your Summary Care Record.

    As the NHS Care Records Service is rolled out across England over the next few years, people in other areas will also be able use HealthSpace to view their Summary Care Record.

    Another very, very good point of information is: - :) - Polar will like that link, but down at moment of typing - Polar get your servers back up mate

    At the moment the Early Adaptors are in the North West
  11. Erm no.......

    Soon? Trial of online patient access to medical records begins

    Well it helps that they don't have network infrastructure (DII) included in the project like NPfIT and only 'one' supplier!
  12. Polar - cheeky you - the NHS goes over N3 see
  13. Yeah maybe but I think we are getting away from the important points. Their are similarities between the projects, the network side of NPfIT seems to be doing well but its being led by one contractor. DII on the other hand seems to only deliver when pushed, i.e. part of ATLAS, other projects would fail unless the network is updated. If I'm right, 49 Bde will get their DII/RLI fit first.