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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by coffeegirl, Oct 17, 2005.

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  1. I was wondering if anyone can tell me about how you go about working as an intelligence analyst at the DIS base. All I can find here:

    is a postal address, no email, no phone number, no application information........ why is this?

    If you want to work in intelligence is it best to train as an officer first, and then work for the DIS?

    Are there any links between the DIS and GCHQ in terms of careers?

  2. The DIS aren't recruiting at the moment. They will start a new recruitment campaign late this month/ early November. There will be links on the Civil Service central recruitment website, as well as the usual newspapers and job websites.

    Interviews will be held in March. DV clearance will follow and the vacancies will begin in June 06.

    They accept humanities graduates (2:1 and above) and ex-army officers. Bear in mind that there are few places and consequently competition is pretty fierce. Don't go and join the Army as an officer to join the DIS - only join if you actually want the challenge, responsibility, hardship, operational experience and the pride. If you want to go for the DIS, apply to them. The selection process is pretty comprehensive (reams of tests, assesment centre etc) so if you have the potential they'll spot it. Bear in mind though that many applicants will have pretty punchy degrees and most will have post-grad work experience.

    I know a few people in the DIS. They do sometimes work alongside GCHQ, who are recruiting graduates now.

    PoC for applications is

    <Edited by author to remove breach of OPSEC>
    DI PR-HR2
    Ministry Of Defence
    Room 25a, Old War Office Building
    SW1A 2EU

    Tel 020 7218 5815

    Hope this helps.

    Note to Moderator - the above details are taken from an open-source MOD website and shouldn't breach OPSEC.
  3. wow, you guys are, um, really smart.

    did I say in my initial post here that I wanted to join myself?

    Thanks Charlie Cong. I'll pass that to my husband.
  4. :) yes, we are highly trained to jump to wrong conclusions.

    coffeegirl - best to be clear, cos there are a lot of suspicious people around here, and a lot of fantasists & journalists who come on arrse!
  5. OK, fair enough. Don't you think a journalist might have asked something a bit more interesting?!?!

    So, supposing someone wants to join the Intelligence Corps and is also interested in joining the army, if they were in the Int Corps for a few years and then wanted to apply to transfer to DIS so that they could be a bit more fixed in terms of location - would they start in DIS at the same level as a graduate? Is this a common thing to do at all?

    Do DIS recruit through the usual Fast-Stream process?
  6. One would hope that anyone who wants to join the Intelligence Corps had at least a passing interest in joining the army.

    Your internet research might be little more fruitful if you search for the Defence Intelligence Staff rather than service.

    This is pure curiosity on my part coffeegirl but how old are you and your husband?
  7. nope, they try to ask really bone questions, usually about deployments and their effects on the family, kit deficencies, my spelling etc....

    usually start with: "my boyfriend/girlfriend/sister/brother/husband is...." or "is it true that......."
  8. Sorry, I meant supposing someone wants to join the DIS and also interested in army. not quite used to all the abbreviations etc yet!

    We're 22 & 23.
  9. I've known a few people move to bits of the DIS after a career in the Corps - but only when they had a pension to supplement the wages. They saw it as keeping in the game but with overtime, a union and no uniform.

    Certainly when I looked at the DIS the pay fell short of what I'd get in industry so I never felt motivated to join. Then again, I got a degree in the old days when you really did get paid more as a result. Most of todays graduates settle for less as there are a lot more of them. And humanities graduates have always tended to get paid peanuts anyway.

    To be honest if one of your career choices is to be a Doctor I think you'll find the pay and benefits in the DIS low enough that you'll always regret not going to Medical School.
  10. Thanks. It's not me considering Int Corps though - it's my husband. I am the one going to med school!
  11. Both graduates?
  12. Ref: your husband. Personally I'd reccomend that he goes for the Army. I can honestly say that although I got out after my SSC I haven't regretted it at all. It was a great experience. You can become an Army officer then leave to join the DIS but it would be much more troublesome to do it the other way round. I was Infantry personally but having spoken to people in agencies such as Aegis, CRG etc I can say that leaving the Int Corps for private work would be very much more lucrative than the DIS and provide more flexibility and variety. People on this board probably know a great deal more about the DIS and G2-PMC work than me.

    My one caveat would be: going to RMAS is sometimes pot-luck Choice of Arm wise. I looked at the Int Corps but decided against it. It is a very popular choice, perhaps suprisingly. If you go to Sandhurst wanting to join a very specific arm, such as AAC or Int Corps, its very dispiriting to end up somewhere else for 3 years. So: my advice is that he should approach the Int Corps asap, learn as much as possible about them and *what chances he has of being selected*. Given the competition its unsuprising that many who successfully commission into them are v brainy Oxbridge types. Alternatively he could try his best and, if unsuccessful, have a cracking 3 years charging around the middle-east in armoured vehicles, commanding men, thrilling to the glamour of warfare and watching the regimental colours flutter in the breeze instead of fiddling with maps, developing a caffeine addiction and "desk job arse". Just my personal perspective!

    As far as I know the DIS don't recruit from Fast-stream. The DIS, as mentioned, is pretty poor pay (£20-25k is not much in central london, especially if you're bringing 3 years experience to the job) and without wanting to appear mercenary, is pretty off-putting for me. I don't know whether someone contributing to this forum knows more about how quickly its possible to promote.

    I am thinking about joining the DIS for a couple of years to help get a foot in the door of more lucrative companies.

    Anyway enough of me...

    Good luck both of you.

    "Every man thinks poorly of himself who has not been a soldier"