Defence Instructional Techniques (DIT) Course- Places!!!!

Hi All

Just a quick trawl really.... I recently picked up my Cpl, & have been told that I'll be going on my JMQC around April '09- which will include the DIT course as part of the package.

Obviously within it's manning parameters, my unit is keen & proactive to get people away onto specialist courses, to assist with the MATT training requirements (what unit isn't??!!)...however, even though I'm very keen to to put my hand up....our Trg Off's hands are tied as I don't have my DIT course.

I'm eager to source out a place on a DIT course ASAP...even if it's with another unit who may have a spare place going. I've approached the RTC as Malta Barracks, Aldershot and the London Borough RTC- both are already full with extensive reserve lists as, as can be imagined, the DIT course is THE gateway to doing most other courses.

I'm aware that there are many units that have the facility to run there own DIT course...and I'd like to hear from any that feel they may have a spare place going for a VERY keen soldier to fill up!

Please feel free to PM me.... and I can clarify any details that you may need. I can also provide SNCO/Officer POC from my unit if you require as well, as I would be keen to involve them in any opportunity as the earliest chance (Just to keep them in the 'know'!!)

Kind regards


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