Defence Instructional Technique

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Big_Kahoona, Dec 19, 2005.

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  1. I am one of the lucky/unlucky ones in the corps to have an automatic pass on my JCLM. Unfortunately now I have got a qualification for DIT but have absolutely no clue about what i need to to instruct. If there is anyone out there with any info that could help me then please PM me or post it on this forum.
  2. Just get yourself loaded onto one of the courses, it's a piece of P1SS

  3. Commitments make it very difficult for me to get on a course.
  4. Then stop complaining. The majority of ATRA units will load you on DIT if your posted to them anyway.
  5. You can get on the course no problem

    see the training wing. I think the majority of the courses are run at the weekends in the uk. Two to be exact sat and sun.

    i have dit on electronic copy if that is any help.
  6. The regualr course is a 5 day course, and held at RAF Halton and Neveravon amongst other locations.

    TA training wings also run them, including my team....

    Dates for next year will be onlie in the next ew days. Teh only problem at the moment is we cannot run enough courses, but we have had regualrs on the course.

  7. Go to Portsmouth which now the only place that runs the course as a stand alone and get the qual.

    This has two advantages

    1. The course is very well taught by people who's job is to teach how to teach and not just some bloke posted into the mil skills wing at blandford

    2. Portsmouth is fantastic on the lash
  8. check out the pielover download from this website on the downloads page

    flog or shoot
  9. This course does not enable you to teach. Once you have passed the course you are able to INSTRUCT not teach. If you want to teach then you need to get on a FAETC course. Dont get the two mixed up as they are different.
  10. As previously mentioned the course is easy and you don't need great knowledge. It doesn't matter if the information you present is wrong, it's the method of delivery that counts.
    Doing something original counts, the course I was on the majority did NBC and how to apply a field dressing - instructors were bored with hearing the same old stuff ?

    One original practical session was how to make a box out of paper (improvised mess tin), then as a demo - eat something out of it or store something in it?
    Ask people in your unit for ideas :idea:
  11. sorry to upset your misguided pretty little head but all blokes and birds posted in to mil skills wing all go on a DIT (T) course (thats the trainer course) so they are just as qualified as any one else

    so there nah nah nah nah na
  12. Smoojeac0ck wouldn't know anything about military training though, as he is a tech teenager.
  13. I have been told the course has greatly improved recently however my point was that it is the trade of the wrens at portsmouth
  14. You must be awesome. A JNCO who is so important that his unit can't afford the time to train as an instructor. Sir, we bow before you.
  15. F***ing hell PD do you know me because you have got me just right. I am Awesome and yes i am so important to my unit that they cannot let me go on this course.
    Joking aside im actually on other courses when the DIT courses are being run this year and i thought that somebody would have the precis so i could learn it myself.