Defence Inquest Unit to be Expanded.

DIU to Expand

I see from the article above and the statements below by a Govt Minister last year, the DIU has clearley been another resounding sucess of this Govt / MoD . Not!

"Hansard 16 July 2008 : Column 29WS
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice (Bridget Prentice):

Since October 2007, additional resources have been provided by the Government to ensure that a backlog of inquests will not build up in the Wiltshire and Swindon jurisdiction, now that fatalities are being repatriated via RAF Lyneham.

There are 57 inquests to be concluded into the deaths of service personnel who died in Iraq and Afghanistan whose bodies were repatriated after 1 April .

On 1 June 2008 the Ministry of Defence established the Defence Inquests Unit. This unit acts as the focal point for all coroners’ inquests into the deaths of service and Ministry of Defence civilian personnel who die on, or as a result of injuries sustained while on operations; and those who die as a result of training activity. The unit’s key role is to assist coroners so that they can complete inquests satisfactorily and as quickly as possible.

The unit’s main function is to establish early contact with the coroner for each inquest, and to ensure that they are provided with all relevant paperwork, including reports from the Special Investigation Branch and Board of Inquiry (if convened). The unit will also help advise on subject matter experts for inquests. While the relevant service will, rightly, remain the focal point for liaising with the bereaved families, the unit will work closely with the services to ensure that there is a consistent approach, particularly in terms of providing information to families, coroners and welfare officers."

The families should not have to wait so long.

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