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Don't know if this fits into the right forum here but someone may be of help.

I have recently had my pre move-out visit from defence estates who have informed me I will have to pay £350 for 're-upholstering' of the sofas. granted when they supplied me with them they were looking as good as possible for this nasty style of sofa, however I have used them for barely 3 months, and they have picked up normal wear and tear stains ....nothing major, mostly from either water or sweat i guess!!

Firstly i do not see how they can ask for that extortionate amount when that is supposedly 50% off, you can buy a cheap leather sofa for that price! furthermore if i have barley used them in 4 months, what must a 2 year rental set look like.

If you think they are wrong then argue the case, and do it in writing and keep a copy.
Demand that they produce the materials removed-that way you can't be diddled into paying for something that isn't done. Alternatively get the kids to puke, shit or spill on it or do these things yourself and claim on the insurance
Always play the fair wear and tear card - it is an acceptable and DE do accept it - although they hate to do so. The other option is to get your insurance company on the case. Call them and explain that the claim will come to them if they cannot assist (so you don't give a f$ck) and make out you are trying to help them. If they play ball you get a company claim assessor on the case. DE don't do 're-upholstering' nor do they automatically replace carpets you may have been billed for (there is something that I read a while ago when looking into march in - march out problems for a soldier I was trying to assist). What they do is assess the loss of or reduction in value (this is where the urban myth of soldier on march out, gets billed for stain on carpet and pulls out Stanley knife and cuts out stain with the words I paid for it therefore I own it, falls down). Is the loss of value so great that it will cost 350 - I doubt it - fight the idiots.
sigsubby said:
phone call followed up by letter?

I would suggest a letter followed up by a phone call, this gives you the opportunity to show you are serious and state facts in a calm polite manner, then then ask for a response a few days later by phone.
I'll be honest - I'd not expect any stains etc after only 3 months of use. If you have a water and sweat-stained sofa, that is not fair wear and tear in such a short time. Either you have lower standards than the military expects or you don't understand what is expected. I own my sofas and wouldn't water or sweat stain them.

Get pictures of the damage if you really believe you are being wronged - and write everything down.
sigsubby said:

I have recently had my pre move-out visit from defence estates who have informed me I will have to pay £350 for 're-upholstering' of the sofas. granted regards
Do they not still do loose covers? which was a simple case of take off cover, wash, and replace! Re-upholstering seems a bit extreme!
The mess issue ones here are covers over naff sofas that can be washed.

Any chance of steam cleaning them?

No idea where they get their prices from though. Think it's £11 for a broken lightbulb.

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