Defence firm Qinetiq to be sold

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FNUSNU, Jan 12, 2006.

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  1. And they wonder why the septics get touchy about about High Tech gear being sold to us......
  2. Would be interesting to keep an eye on which ministers or government officials have or soon plan to have shares in this company, and if they have any effect on the decision to award contracts...
  3. Wrong thread :?
  4. I think it would be more relevant to see who buys the majority of the Government's released shares.

    I really don't think it has anything to do with the Yanks trusting is Kit Marlowe, as I suspect you'll see as soon as these shares are floated.
  5. PTP where these shares not sold off to Blurs next employer "The Carlyle Group" ? ya knows the famliy firm of King George II, who also employ one John Major as a VERY SENIOR Board member.
  6. They were indeed Jon.

    I wonder who might possibly buy a very large chunk of these "released for the public" and gain control of Quinty-Q? :roll:

    Smellier than a big bag full of thousand year old anchovies bottoms.
  7. I am long out of the game and UK and I like to think I can take on an 'Insiders Outside' look on UK business.
    Some matters Stink and this is one of them.
    Be nice when one of the majors (newspapers) does a serious in depth account.
  8. Can anyone think of any Saudi oil billionaires with an interest in damaging our armed forces?

    tin foil hat moment now - the Illuminati. MJ12, Knights templar...
  9. Uhm Ah er Bint Laiden cums ta mind.
  10. I wonder what will happen to QinetiQ's preferential long term contracts with MOD for UK defence research after flotation?
  11. The Gov't have probably got that all sewn up so they have to remain the favourite for say 10 years...that should keep the share price high!!
  12. There was a bit on the BBC this morning about the price of the shares to be sold off being grossly undervalued
  13. Didn't one UK party when in Opposition say something about some one selling off the National Silverwear far too cheap ?
  14. I doubt that the shares being sold off are undervalued. I think that they are referring to the original price of shares sold to Carlyle group, who now stand to make a packet.

    Hopefully some of the QinetiQ staff will benefit from the sale as they are mostly on Civil Service wage scales which are a bit pish poor to be honest.