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Defence estimates report for 2008-09

The House of Commons Defence Committee has published its report on the MoD main estimates for 2008-09. The MoD has asked for £34.5 billion, not including the cost of Ops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Though for the first time this figure includes the Ops in the Balkans, probably due to it being a realtively minor commitment these days.

The committe has recommended that Commons approve the estimates, and has not identified any requirement for a debate on the matter by MP's. However, the report stresses that the existinence of separate budgets for Herrick and Telic means that the MoD's actual expenditure will be far greater than £34.5 billion (nothing we didn't already know there).

I'm at work and posting when I shouldn't be, so haven't had time to read the report in any great detail. There are plenty of ARRSEr's out there who are much better able to comment on this than I am, so here's the link:


I've also added the link to the Defence Committee's mini-site on the official House of Commons pages for those who are interested:


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