Defence Estates & MHS - Appalling Treatment of Families

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Spanner, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. Just heard the story on this - a bit old as it dates from the floods at the end of July. Several families at Arborfield Garrison were flooded out of their married quarters. On the day, the local team from Hudsons (working for MHS) were brilliant, helping remove sodden carpets, bringing sandbags etc, that is until they got called away to an emergency job at another site (turned out it was repairing someone's leaky gutter). The MHS helpline have not got their priorities right have they.

    Most families were accomodated in temporary accomodation, that bit was squared away quite well. However, it was not until last week that the quarters were put back in to any semblance of a liveable state, despite the fact the occupants had been moved back in a few days after the floods. One wife was heavily pregnant, hubby away on ops, and was left to fend for herself once the Hudsons boys had been re-tasked - it was neighbours that cut around the place for her and sorted things out.

    The sort of discussions and email exchanges have been frightening in terms of bureaucratic hoop jumping, incompetence, and even ignoring correspondance and phone calls, despite the fact there was a presssing need to do something, and something fast.

    The households involved even offered to get their places redone on their household insurance, but were threatened with large bills upon march out as the repairs would not conform to Defence Estates standards.

    Eventually, it took the threat of, and subsequent publication of photos and article in the local paper to resolve the issue. Funnily that.

    So, why in this day and age do we have to resort to the threat and reality of going to the press to ensure that the basic quality of our lives whilst in the service are maintained to an acceptable standard?

    Also, why is no one actually accountable for such dramatic stupidity? At no stage could anyone actually find someone who had the correct authority to authorise such emergency repairs. The military staff on the garrison were powerless to act - as their budget had been stripped out and passed over to Defence Estates.

    The whole issue of MHS and Defence Estates needs to be re-examined. Having faceless poorly paid civil servants at arms length from single and married persons accomodation is not the way forward. Individual garrisons should be given their budgets back, and be able to hire and fire contractors to conduct routine and emergency maintenance work at will.

    This whole issue is disgusting.

    Rant over. I'm running for Parliament when I get out - and am going to be gunning for these incompetents. They do not deserve to draw pay let alone breath.
  2. Peanuts. Monkeys.
  3. This is totally disgraceful and i feel so sorry for these families how they have been treated
  4. The main factor is there is no money to pay for the jobs to be done. MHS has been getting a right kicking over the past year or so, but it's the funding they're not getting that's the problem. I mean MHS have to butcher empty quarters to get the spares to repair occupied homes.

    The armed forces and their accommodation is looked after on the cheap. The fact that the MoD is repairing quarters to hand back to Annington Homes Plc, before repairing homes that are occupied by service families is shocking. This bloody government has made over 140 milllion pounds from Annington in the last 10 years, this is on the profit shared agreement, and not a penny has come back to the Armed Forces. I believe that shows what they think of us or should I say their respect for us!!

  5. Dont worry, its the same in Germany, the empty qtr next to me needed a new path (made out of 10 paving slabs) in the garden. The GWA came one day and lifted the old slabs, a month later the new slabs were piled in the garde. 6 MONTHS!!! later they were laid. When will they do a job from start to finish instead of fukcing around.
  6. The property in Germany is owned by Annington Germany now. So don't expect it to be soon... Once the properties are due to be handed back to AG they will do the job correctly... Hitback