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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Ned_Seagoon, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. Just wondering what experience others have had of Defence Estates Housing Department (DEHD) and Modern Housing Solutions (MHS). Having recently returned to the UK from Germany I didn’t expect the level of customer care that we had enjoyed in the land of LOA and Veltins but, quite frankly, I am staggered by the incompetence and “not me I’m airframes” attitude of both organisations.

    The best our local DEHD Customer Care Officer could do for our list of observations on march-in (sorry, handover in modern-speak) was to allow us to use her mobile to speak to an MHS customer service line at the opposite end of the country. It then appeared to be an immense favour for MHS to agree to do something about the most serious issues. It has also taken 5 weeks to unravel the threats of disconnection and county court action that we inherited thanks to DEHD failing to pay any utility bills in the 6 month interregnum since the last occupant left. Goodness knows what implication this has for any credit searches against our new address.

    A whinge – yes – but taken combined with uncertainty about the future of CEA – Mrs Ned is not happy and I am taking the flack! :(
  2. Does not sound like a winge at all mate, sounds like a court action on behalf of Mrs Ned should be initiated for breach of contract.

    These alleged organisations really are filth of the highest order.
  3. MHS is appalling. I have had major problems sorting out defects in a Senior Officer's Quarter (it's a residence treated as an MQ) - they deny responsibility for everything, fail to chase up sub-contractors, and have no customer care routines in place.

    You need to flag this up the line, because it affects everyone from the bottom of the pile to the top, and won't get any better until it's addressed. We are case-compiling this one with records of calls, promises, and lack of action so that once we are in a position to move, my 2* will remove the cover from the shotgun and go after them with both barrels!
  4. I have only just organised to move my family back to UK ahead of my posting so that my son can start school at begining of term. My son is special needs so the move was granted. I put the paperwork in in June for a move in August.....Nothing. Chased them up and still nothing, so the move was delayed until Oct half term. I was eventually offered a quarter after weeks of harrasing them, only to find that its a condemed shoe box (I have another daughter who is an adult and still lives with us). We complain, only to be told that thats all there is so tuff (He actually said this)

    I had to go above his head, through SSAFA and all maner of other routes for them to pull their finger out and will now move my family into a semi-decent place. Why does everything have to be a battle just to get people to do their jobs? I cannot wait until I buy my own place and get out of the sh1t that is quarter-ing. I could whinge on all day about the SSO's incompetence at my current place as well but there aint enough bandwidth
  5. web source
  6. A friend of mine is moving back to UK from Germany. He only got given his new quarter address on the morning that his removals went!!!

    Luckly I am going the other way soon (UK to Germany), yipppeeeee:)
  7. Ned_Seagoon & drain_sniffer

    Sorry to hear about your woes, but have you considered ditching that Government Condemned Armed Forces Identity and posing as asylum seekers instead?

    I think you would be pleasently surprised!
  8. AJ, I had thought of getting myself and family tanned up, hidding in the back of a truck to Dover then doing the "no abla" bit - I reckon I would get a better service than the one offered by DE
  9. Do it, apparently if you claim that you are Afghans or Iraqis who have driven from your homes by brutal English Soldiers, you'll be fast tracked.
  10. Thanks a_j.

    To the best of my knowledge service children are already placed in the same category as travellers and migrants - hence dependency on the golden handcuffs.

  11. Ha! In your dreams Ned, New Labour has a much higher opinion of pikeys than service children.
  12. Making Housing Sh1te - as someone put it, true and very apt given the level of 'service' that has been provided since the MOD went to yet another cheaper option.

    Don’t expect anything to get done, ever. The level of incompetence and ignorance shown by the staff puts the DHE to shame.

    A boiler burst in my MQ a while back, causing a section of the ceiling in my front room to sag. The DHE were less than interested as they were handing over the MHS. MHS forgot, lost, didn’t have, had no recollection of being told about the damage, this went on for ages and in the end i ended up fixing it myself.

    Another good indication of their ability is this gem.

    The MQ estate where i am is currently having new central heating and boilers fitted - don’t know why they all worked fine.

    They kindly replaced the old backboilers (behind a 60's style fireplace in the front room) with nice new fireplaces in the empty quarters. And have now ran out of money! - after doing about 11 MQs - so when they finish mine i will have a hole in the wall in the front room which will i am told be covered with a "white plastic grill"

    They started fitting the new boilers in the empty MQs first. This will explain why they chose to fit them in one of the 2 small (1.5 ft x 6 ft) closets in the larger bedroom, leaving just 1 closet for Mrs and Mrs to share.

    Once they had finished the empty MQs - they started on the occupied ones and soon found out that putting them in the closets was not acceptable to the occupants. I should point out that the only storage space for clothes is these 2 closets. Once a double bed and chest of drawers is in there isn’t enough room for a wardrobe!

    Brilliant. So now there isn’t any money left to fit fireplaces or brick up the hole after they have removed the old backboilers, The new boilers have been bodged into various places in the MQs, killing off what little storage space there is and I fully expect them to run out of money for the whole project before they are half finished.

    Making Housing Sh1te, take note! Sort your Fukcin lives out!!!!

    Just glad that Mr &Mrs GM and little GM will have their own place soon.
  13. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    I have been suffering at the hands of what I call "Medieval Housing Solutions" since moving to a new MQ. The CCO warned me that as far he knew, some of the remedial work needed had not been done due to MHS incompetance.

    However, what suprised him and me during the march in was finding that the boiler had been condemned four months prior to march in with a big sticker left on it threatening prosecution to anyone who dared turn it on and MHS hadn't bothered their arrse fixing it let alone the other faults in the house. And the house had been empty for over a year so it's not as if they hadn't had the time to start some of the remedial jobs.

    Never mind says he, you'll have hot water from the immersion. The immersion didn't work either.

    To be fair, MHS replaced the immersion within 48 hours as an emergency but, two months later and I am still waiting for the boiler to be fixed. Good thing we are having an Indian summer so far! I have, like many I suspect, been down to B & Q and fixed many of the minor problems myself rather than wait for them (I have had three days at home so far waiting for workmen to come who never made it.)

    Oh, and it would have been nice if they'd prepared the garden as required. It is so overgrown that I rather surprised a sunbathing fox in it yesterday morning.
  14. Many situations here are totally unacceptable. Matters will not improve unless everyone complains to the Customer Care Manager and the chain of command/your CO. If remedy from the Customer Care Manager then go higher. They have to tell you who to complain to.

    Only by doing this will we force standards to be what they should be. Unless those responsible for providing the service know of these problems - then they cannot be held to account.

    If in doubt... write !